We Happy Few has been digging up anticipation since it first debuted gameplay footage at E3 2016 showing off a 1984-esque dystopian world with the graphical styling of a BioShock game. After it premiered, the title jumped into an Alpha that let players begin to explore the world and gameplay. While a couple of updates to the Early Access version were planned before the official launch, developer Compulsion Games announced on Steam that there will instead be just one more update before the game receives an official launch.

So far, players of the Alpha and Early Access have gotten an experience more focused on gameplay and exploration, while Compusion Games has held back on the story of We Happy Few to save it for the final product. The coming update for the Early Access version of the game will arrive in August. A second update had been planned that would include a new area called the “Parade District,” but Compulsion Games said the area was too linked to the story, so it will instead be launched alongside the story when the game receives its official release. This also allows Compulsion Games to focus on just the main game, instead of developing the story and Early Access versions simultaneously.

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Early impressions of We Happy Few have been favorable, noting it’s solid survival gameplay. As long as Compulsion Games can nail the story, we should be seeing a great, eerie survival game when it receives its official launch. Considering that a We Happy Few movie adaptation is already in the works, there’s a lot to suggest the story will be satisfactory.

Since a new BioShock game hasn’t come out in several years, and a new one hasn’t been announced, there’s a wide opening for We Happy Few to slake gamers’ thirst for a slightly cartoony, incredibly creepy, and dystopian game world. Steam reviews for the We Happy Few’s Early Access have been “Very Positive” overall, so there are high odds the final game will be a blast.

Some negative reviews of the Early Access game criticize We Happy Few for repetitive gameplay, with players going around sometimes performing tasks as mundane as drinking water, eating food, and sleeping. When the full game launches, the story will have to pull players along enough to engross them in the world and help them look past guiding their character through some of the less exciting necessities of life in a dystopian world. In any case, the game is moving much closer to its final form.

We Happy Few is currently in development for Xbox One and PC. No release date has been announced.

Source: Steam