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we happy few gameplay trailer e3 2016

Compulsion Games' debuts a new We Happy Few gameplay trailer at Microsoft's E3 2016 presentation, and it's a terrifying, surreal look at a dystopian, drug-fueled society.

Microsoft's E3 2016 presentation has had quite a few indie game surprises, and there are perhaps none quite so exciting as the debut of Compulsion Games' We Happy Few gameplay trailer. One of the most anticipated horror games of 2016We Happy Few is a game developed by a team of devs located in Montreal, Canada, a location that also houses studios with international pedigrees like Ubisoft. Montreal has long been considered one of Canada, and the world's, biggest gaming nexuses, and Compulsion Games will look to solidify that reputation even further with its exciting first-person survival horror game.


The E3 gameplay trailer illustrates the main character struggling to hide the fact that he has stopped taking a government-prescribed drug called Joy. People who do this are called Downers, although it's the society they live in that's the real drag - the E3 presentation shows just how powerful the drug is, causing people taking it to hallucinate that a dead rat is a pinata, and its splayed innards are pieces of candy. It's truly one of the most unsettling gaming moments in recent memory, and fans disappointed by the end of Allison Road should find themselves excited by the prospect of another game designed to prey on gamer uneasiness.

The game will include action sequences as well, as demonstrated by the gameplay trailer including a tutorial that both introduces gamers to the horrific world they will find themselves inhabiting and to the basic mechanics they will need to defend themselves from the police that will attempt to force them to take their medication. Unlike Uncharted 4's dialogue options, it appears that in We Happy Few, choice really does matter, and it will be interesting to see where gamers progress from the game's unsettling beginning.

We Happy Few will be available for Xbox One and PC, and will debut on Xbox Live Preview on July 26, 2016.

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