We Happy Few Animation Video Hints at More Story?

we happy few animation new story

Compulsion Games' We Happy Few was one of the most unexpected bright spots of E3 2016 - doubly so when gamers consider the bleak, dystopian world the game is set within. That world's level of detail and aesthetic helped attract thousands of fans to support the game's early alpha phase, and excitement surrounding We Happy Few's development hasn't dissipated despite the long period of time that has passed since gamers last heard news about its progress.

Compulsion Games may have just offered fans the most meaningful insight into the world of We Happy Few since that early alpha, however. Just a few days ago, the studio shared a new video on YouTube that detailed some animation work being done on what is being called the "Cub Reporter" scene, and it certainly seems to shed some light on what people can expect from We Happy Few's 1984-inspired aesthetic. Check out the video here:

The video hits just the right tone to ensure it remains creepy despite the melodrama of the character doing all of the speaking, and it looks as though a key part of We Happy Few will be the way the game's shadowy authoritarian government suppresses citizen's rights to free speech. It's a lot more to go on in terms of the game's story than what was made available in We Happy Few's early alpha preview, which focused more on gameplay than it did any narrative revelation.

Compulsion Games' newest video is also a reminder of the kind of resonance that We Happy Few has struck with a number of gamers. There's something captivating about a game dealing with the ideas of free speech and fair journalism in today's political climate, and the appeal extends beyond just the world of video games as well - We Happy Few is already getting a movie as well, despite not even being released in the first medium it is being developed for.

While time is ticking and We Happy Few is rapidly approaching a point in its development cycle where gamers will begin to demand more to go on, the early shock and awe of its E3 reveal coupled with a strong alpha demonstration have buoyed the game up until now, and the new video will likely do the same. There's something alluring about the exaggerated, bleak England portrayed in We Happy Few that makes it a must-follow through its development, and a showcase for the game if it is ready for it this year - whether at E3 or another event like Gamescom - will likely catapult it to the top of most anticipated games lists everywhere.

We Happy Few is currently in development for Xbox One and PC. No release date has been announced.

Source: YouTube

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