'We Dare' Given 12+ PEGI Rating

Looking at the chair above this text, draped with a bra, tie, and handcuffs, you might imagine that you're either back in college or at a swinger's party. However, the reality is that it's the cover for We Dare, the flirty and adult-centered videogame.

It recently received a PEGI rating of 12+, which would seem to indicate that it's appropriate for kids. If you just did a double take with the rest of us, here's the scoop behind the game.

We Dare was announced two weeks ago to a confused Wii and PS3 audience who weren't expecting such a game. The trailer shows four adults playing a series of minigames which either depict sexual situations or get the players into ridiculous positions with one another.

For the curious, here's the trailer for the game. Though the trailer does not carry a content warning, please note that the game is clearly targeted at an adult audience.


We Dare publisher Ubisoft has taken a soft-spoken stance on the rating given to the game, which includes mature themes and as such requires parental discretion.

"We Dare is intended for a mature audience and Ubisoft created its marketing campaign accordingly. The PEGI ratings system is decided upon by a pan-European body and the rating for this game was bestowed by the independent PEGI board. Ubisoft has added a ‘Parental Discretion Advised’ sticker to the game in order to ensure that parents are informed of the potential sensitive nature of the game content."

Given that even in the YouTube-friendly trailer clothes came off, I'd say parental discretion is an understatement. The PEGI Ratings Board was contacted for a statement, and offered up their own take on the 12+ rating, explaining the rationale behind it:

"PEGI does not take into account the context of a game when rating it, we only look at the contents of the game. [We Dare] has been rated as a PEGI 12 because it contains mild swearing, minor assault on a human-like character and words/activities that amount to obvious sexual innuendo, explicit sexual descriptions or images and sexual posturing."

According to a spokesperson, despite how the description of the game sounds, it is in essence not as adult as the trailer and cover lead one to believe. Still, a 12+ rating for such a game seems like a strange call, and it may be telling that Ubisoft has no plans to release the game in the  American market.

What do you think about We Dare, Ranters? Do you think the game is appropriate for 12+ consumers? Is the PEGI Rating Board doing their jobs?

Source: Cubed

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