Is WB Montreal Announcing a Game at Gamescom?

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Speculation exploded today about the possibility of WB Games Montreal announcing a new game at Gamescom 2019. WB Montreal is known for Batman: Arkham Origins and DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight, and many fans are expecting another DC Comics-related announcement from the studio soon. It was a supposed leak of Amazon placeholder listings for an untitled game that started the speculation, but the conversation has since gone back and forth regarding the likelihood of an announcement.

The problem with the rumor starts with the veracity of these "leaked" Amazon placeholder listings. A screenshot shows three placeholders, "Placeholder E01-PC" and then two others for Xbox One and PlayStation. A screenshot of these alleged listings was posted on Reddit with the claim that they were quickly taken down. Since then, accusations have been aimed at the original leaker saying that they are known for fake leaks. While this hasn't been verified, the screenshots could certainly be faked with ease.

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The conversation has since bounced back and forth about the possibility of a WB Montreal Gamescom announcement due to several other related details. A WB Montreal Senior Artist previously referred to August as a "big month" ambiguously. Geoff Keighley's list of 15 game publishers premiering new content at Gamescom doesn't include WB Games. Yet historically, WB is a routine participant at Gamescom, making its absence from the list all the more conspicuous.

Perhaps the final nail in the coffin for this rumor is WB Games international social media communications manager Dan Seto replying to a question Twitter. Seto was asked if there will be any announcements at Gamescom. They reply with a thinking emoji and a gif where a door is closed in the face of curiosity. If WB will be at Gamescom, if it'll have any announcements at the event, no one's talking.

Here's what's accurate regarding WB Games Montreal's next game. In October 2018, senior game designer Osama Dorias confirmed that two games were in development at the studio. Both were said to be tied to DC Comics. WB Montreal has been hiring for at least one project that is a AAA title for next-gen consoles. Meanwhile, WB Games Montreal game director Geoff Ellenor has spoken on Twitter about "pieces coming together." It's unclear if Ellenor's project or the AAA game is one of the two previously announced as being in development.

As for rumors, WB Montreal is rife with them. There are rumors about three canceled in-development projects. There are rumors about a Suicide Squad game. There are rumors about a Batman game about the Court of Owls. There are rumors that a WB Montreal game is planned for release in 2019. It's gotten to the point where WB Montreal could leak the title of its game and fans wouldn't be able to recognize it for what it is.

The simple truth is that WB Montreal will let everyone know about its game when the time is right, whether that be Gamescom 2019 or beyond.

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