WB Games Hiring for New DC Comics Video Game

WB Games Hiring for New DC Comics Video Game - Henry Cavill Superman Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

WB Games Montreal is best known for its work on Batman: Arkham Origins, a prequel to Rocksteady's Batman games that released to a relatively lukewarm critical reception back in 2013. WB Games Montreal has been working on a mysterious new game for at least a couple of years now, and it is now hiring a technical director to work on the project.

In a post on Facebook, WB Games Montreal revealed that it is looking to hire a technical director to lead its team of programmers. More interestingly, anyone hired to work as the technical director at WB Games Montreal would be tasked with "expanding the DC universe in the interactive space," meaning that whatever the studio is working on, it's DC Comics-related.

This is hardly surprising, considering WB Games Montreal's past work with DC Comics video games. Besides the aforementioned Batman: Arkham Origins, WB Games Montreal also worked on the enhanced Wii U port of Batman: Arkham City, and developed some Batgirl-themed DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight. Considering this, it's possible that WB Games Montreal's next title is another entry in the Batman: Arkham series.


Alternatively, WB Games Montreal could be working on a game based on a different DC Comics character. Rumors have been swirling for years that a new Superman game is in development, though that unannounced title is usually attributed to Rocksteady. However, if Rocksteady is working on a new Batman game as recent rumors suggest, perhaps WB Games Montreal is taking the reigns of the supposed Superman project.

Of course, DC Comics features an extensive universe of characters for WB Games Montreal to pull from, so the possibilities are almost endless. However, based on recent rumors, it seems as though the most likely scenario is that the studio is working on a new Batman: Arkham game, or it is developing the Superman project that has supposedly been in development for years. Whatever the case, here's hoping its new technical director can help the mysterious project finish development in a timely manner.

WB Games Montreal's DC Comics video game project has yet to be officially announced for any platforms.

Source: Facebook

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