10 Ways GTA 6 Can Improve On Grand Theft Auto 5

As predicted, the most profitable video game ever has high expectations for its sequel. There is a small margin for error as players will be analyzing every little detail to make sure it's perfect. Of course, Rockstar Games will need a pragmatic approach with Grand Theft Auto VI. There should be added realism and possibly destructible environments, but a player shouldn't be able to annihilate a landscape, leaving it in ruins for the other players.

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With that said, Rockstar Games is going to have to be meticulous when it comes to what they should and shouldn't add. To make things easier for them, we compiled this list. These are 10 ways GTA VI can improve on Grand Theft Auto V. Enjoy!

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10 Have A Bigger Emphasis On Gangs (Team Play)

Starting a biker gang and owning a clubhouse is part of a more expansive package than we deserve. The GTA Online Bikers update is one that too many people missed. At the same time, there are still hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people who play Grand Theft Auto V. Had the update been released when the game was at its peak, it would have gotten due recognition.

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Bring gangs to Grand Theft Auto VI as they provide a way for players to enjoy memorable Grand Theft Auto comradery that the series needs more of.

9 More Fun Activities Like Tennis, Hunting, And Golf

Adding activities like tennis, hunting, and golf are pivotal to the success of Grand Theft Auto VI. We saw activities like bowling in Grand Theft Auto IV, and vigilante missions in Grand Theft Auto games before that.

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Rockstar Games needs to get creative by adding inventive, immersive activities. For example, bicycling could be a neat feature or pick-up basketball games could fit. Like Grand Theft Auto V, there should be plenty to keep players busy and little to complain about.

8 More Heists, More Heists, And More Heists

The addition of heists to Grand Theft Auto V was a money-making game-changer. Being able to purchase luxury items like a Galaxy Super Yacht, which is priced at $6-10 million became possible after the addition of heists. Instead of being forced to use microtransactions, heists provided more opportunity.

Additional heists would entice players to return to the game. Obtaining high-priced luxury goods shouldn't be as tedious as it is in Grand Theft Auto V. Perhaps a drastic change to heists would ease completion.

7 A Graphical Upgrade

Grand Theft Auto VI could be larger than life when it releases sometime after 2020. This estimate is not set in stone, but it seems doubtful that it will release in the next year when we know virtually nothing about the game. With 4K and 8K technology, the graphics of Grand Theft Auto VI will be the best we've ever seen in a Grand Theft Auto game.

Life-like textures and technology that, for example, surpasses volumetric lighting will have to be created for this game. If players can mod Grand Theft Auto V to look lifelike, Rockstar Games should be able to create something unfathomable.

6 A Co-Op Story Mode In GTA Online

There is an existential crisis that is Grand Theft Auto's lack of a DLC or co-op story mode. Grand Theft Auto IV's Ballad of Gay Tony was a fine addition to the base game. At least Grand Theft Auto V has received numerous content updates for players to enjoy.

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It's not too demanding to ask for a co-op story mode in Grand Theft Auto VI. Players like to play campaigns and many prefer to do it with friends. It's like watching a movie with friends only ten times better. Listen to the ire requests of fans and bring DLC and a co-op story mode to Grand Theft Auto VI.

5 More Player Interaction In GTA Online (A Bigger Online Community)

Rockstar Games will have to be careful with their next Grand Theft Auto installment. As usual, Grand Theft Auto Online is going to be a significant component of the game that many players will play for the majority of the time. Role-playing is a spinoff activity that players have demonstrated on Twitch streams.

Playing the role of a shopkeeper, officer, or other characters gives Grand Theft Auto V realism. Hopefully, Grand Theft Auto VI adds role-playing and more player interaction to build on the community of Grand Theft Auto.

4 The Stock Market Needs To Be Functional In GTA Online

It might seem like a radical thought at first, but it's really not that difficult for Rockstar Games to add the stock market to GTA Online. Some might see the stock market as betting, but Grand Theft Auto V now has a casino which throws all doubt out the window.

For day traders, it might be a challenging venture, but for swing traders, it shouldn't be too bad as long as the market as a whole rises over time. The stock market should be influenced by what people are purchasing in the game.

3 More Destructible Environments (Not Just Vehicles)

It shouldn't be comparable to Crackdown 3 (which was a huge letdown), but there should be more destruction added to Grand Theft Auto. Maybe it would be more practical for Rockstar to add more destruction to single-player, but there should be more destruction in online wherever possible.

Of course, we wouldn't want it to be possible for a player to grab a Rhino tank and leave the entire map in ruins, but destruction should look realistic wherever possible.

2 A More Interactive Map

They need to make Grand Theft Auto VI more explorable for it to be a hit. Sure GTA V added exploration through shopping boutiques, convenience stores, and Ammu-Nations, yet there was so much more potential that was squandered. We can't forget the shopping malls in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Add a mall to Grand Theft Auto VI, and open the doors to all the game's buildings to create an immersive world that blurs the line between video game and reality.

1 Return With An Even Better Single-Player Campaign

The single-player campaign of Grand Theft Auto V was possibly the most enjoyable GTA campaign yet. Changing between characters such as Trevor and Franklin made it differ from a typical GTA campaign.

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Rockstar Games should continue to surprise players with exciting missions and small nuances that people remember for years to come. Red Dead Redemption 2, another Rockstar Games title, took a step in the right direction by adding more mission variety.

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