10 Ways Blizzard Could Improve World of Warcraft Classic

No, you are not getting rick-rolled. Blizzard Entertainment will soon release World of Warcraft Classic, a reimagining of the vanilla World of Warcraft which attracted millions of players worldwide. With enhanced graphics and all of the best features of the original game, there's no telling how popular this remake might be. World of Warcraft Classic is going to be one of the biggest nostalgia trips in the history of gaming.

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At the same time, Blizzard Entertainment is going to have to be pragmatic with their approach. With its current dev team, there is lots of room for error, which is what we've seen with World of Warcraft in recent times. These are 10 ways Blizzard could improve World of Warcraft Classic. Enjoy!

10 We're Going To Need Bigger Servers

Those who were granted the opportunity to play the World of Warcraft Classic beta may remember what Stormwind City looked like—and the party that ensued. Are any people disappointed to see an overcrowded Stormwind City? It makes it near impossible to invade cities, but who could hate those crowd sizes?

Increase the maximum server size to encourage team play and player interaction, so there is never a lonely or dull moment in a World of Warcraft Classic server.

9 Make The Servers A Votable, Customizable Experience Like Old School Runescape

World of Warcraft Classic is going to be scalable in the sense that it won't be too large for Blizzard to manage. Using a voting system like what is found in Old School Runescape would be too good to be true. History shows, with companies like Electronic Arts and 2K Games, listening to players works.

What better way to keep World of Warcraft Classic relevant by adding polls for upcoming changes? World of Warcraft Classic is going to be a throwback to World of Warcraft's bloom era. Add surveys to avoid the unfavorable changes that will deter players.

8 Allow People To Purchase It Outright And Remove The Subscription Fee

Since there has been World of Warcraft, there has always been a pay-to-play model that involves a sizeable subscription fee. If World of Warcraft is the only game you play, the cost might not seem so bad. For many others, however, the rising cost of World of Warcraft's subscription fee is too much.

Since World of Warcraft Classic likely won't change too much, there is no need to bundle it with a subscription. Permit players to purchase the game outright and put away with the play-to-play model that has plagued World of Warcraft for over a decade.

7 At Least Add Burning Crusade...

World of Warcraft Classic will be the bare bones World of Warcraft vanilla version that attracted millions of players at launch. The version that will be playable is 1.12, the version that came out just before the release of Burning Crusade. It's by no means a radical idea to integrate Burning Crusade into World of Warcraft Classic.

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It's like playing Diablo 2 without Lord of Destruction; almost no one wants to play D2 Classic. A significant number of changes including an improved group finder, added lore, new characters, and an increase in the level cap to level 70 makes Burning Crusade a vital component of World of Warcraft.

6 Continue To Improve The Graphics

With the option available to switch back and forth between WOW vanilla graphics and Legion's more advanced version, there is little reason to stop Blizzard Entertainment from continuing to improve graphics. People who prefer the classic look can play Vanilla, and others who have a sophisticated computer can opt for better graphics.

Time and time again, players are asking for better graphics. Graphics aren't the end-all when it comes to an MMORPG or any video game, but it won't hurt to refine the graphics for this upcoming release.

5 Do NOT Add Microstranscations (Pay-To-Win)

Microtransactions will have a detrimental effect on the playability of World of Warcraft Classic. It's doomed to fail if microtransactions convert the game to a play-to-win model that requires players to play more than the subscription fee they already pay. To many people, the fall of World of Warcraft came when microtransactions were introduced.

Buying things like mounts and pets was neat, but unnecessary. With Amazon developing a Lord of the Rings MMORPG, Blizzard is going to have some serious competition without near-perfect execution.

4 Increase The Level Cap Past Level 60

Previously, it was mentioned that an increase in the level cap could be a smart idea for World of Warcraft Classic. As of now, World of Warcraft Classic only has a level cap of 40.

Unquestionably, they will need to raise it to level 60 when the full game releases. Whether they do this at launch or in a later update will have to be seen. During the beta, numerous players reached level 40. Blizzard should anticipate the inevitability that players will grow bored if they don't increase the level cap.

3 Reward Players For Playing The Game

Rockstar Games recently gifted Grand Theft Auto V players 250K cash just for playing the game when the Diamond Casino update came out. Of course, we are not referring to loot boxes, but in-game gifts that make the game more enjoyable.

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Send gifts such as blacksmithing materials for unlocking blacksmithing achievements. Without flying mounts or level jumps, we already know that World of Warcraft Classic is going to require a lot of grinding.

2 Add More PVP Modes

The PVP modes of World of Warcraft Classic are severely limited in its current state. People are going to grow bored of World of Warcraft Classic without added PVP modes.

PVP will be a supplement to the original game and shouldn't take away from the game's authenticity. On the contrary, adding new PVP modes could elevate World of Warcraft Classic beyond people's expectations. Without fixes like this, World of Warcraft Classic may be destined to fail.

1 Balance The Game By Tweaking Character Skills

One overarching problem with WOW vanilla is that it existed when not all character types were playable. Character types like Retribution Paladins and Survival Hunters did not have the skills that were necessary to make them relevant. PVP and PVE are going to be a disaster with zero balancings.

Add balancing effects like buffing and nerfing to make vanilla World of Warcraft Classic an immersive experience for everyone. Consider those who didn't get a chance to experience World of Warcraft in its heydays.

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