When first procuring a highly coveted and very expensive new console like the PlayStation Vita it’s easy to rush out and spend money on games and peripherals – but a chief concern should be protection. This is, after all, a machine that is meant to be taken on the go, and thus is very susceptible to dents, dings, and scratches.

Enter Waterfield with several new case designs each meant to keep your PlayStation Vita, and many of its peripherals, safe and sound. They might be a little pricey for the thrifty shopper, but for someone who wants to keep everything Vita-related at the ready, and wants to feel the comfort of knowing their Vita isn’t susceptible to damage, these cases are worth a look.

The first case, the aptly named PS Vita Case, functions as a small satchel for both the Vita console and all the necessary accessories it might need. There are plenty of pockets to accommodate the proprietary memory cards, game cartridges, and charging cables, each designed with that exact purpose in mind.

Everything is given a designated space for storage — the Vita and game carts fit snugly in a button-up, front pouch while the other accessories can be stored in the back, zippered pouch — making this the perfect case for the gamer that struggles with organization. Additionally tiny slots for the memory cards are a godsend, and help keep tabs on the numerous cards you’ll inevitably have to purchase.

A stylish leather front flap helps provide enough protection to ensure the Vita doesn’t get any scratches, but it’s ultimately not as protective as a hard cover case might be. Aside from that, though, this is the quintessential Vita case — giving every part of the Vita’s repertoire its due.

On the less pocket heavy side of things is the PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro, a no frills, single zippered-pocket pouch that is designed to store the Vita and a few cables. There’s a ton of padding to keep the Vita safe from collisions, and there are pocketed areas within the pouch to keep everything in its place, but this is definitely a case for the gamer that doesn’t care about finding a place for all their Vita accessories and instead wants some simple portable storage.

Surprisingly the Gear Pouch Pro is a bit more cumbersome than the Vita Case, but it provides just as much, if not more, space for storage that its bulk makes sense. Design-wise the outside is a bit flashier than is necessary (the pouch only comes in orange, green, or silver), but its nondescript look helps keep gamers from broadcasting they’re walking around with a $250 handheld.

With pockets for nearly everything that a Vita owner might need, the Vita Case is simply the better option, especially since both retail for close to $50. Both the PS Vita Case and the Gear Pouch Pro come in a couple different colors, but regardless of color option the Vita Case is the better choice in that category as well.

As someone who is has already amassed a good deal of Vita cards and cartridges, the Vita Case seems like the stronger recommendation (if you can get past the price point), but the Gear Pouch Pro still succeeds as a case that provides protection and storage. You’re already spending a pretty penny on a hot new console, so why not go for a carrying case that offers a bit more utility?

Which of the Waterfield cases best suit your needs?

The PS Vita Case and the Gear Pouch Pro can be purchased here.

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