Watch LIVE: Sony E3 2016 Press Conference Livestream


Sony takes the stage at E3 2016 Monday night and reveals what is in store for the PlayStation 4 in terms of hardware and software over the next year or two. Watch the stream LIVE.


After just about every other major company has taken the stage, it's time for Sony to shut things down Monday night. Nintendo still has a Treehouse Live presentation to come tomorrow, but Sony wraps up the Monday night show. Last year Sony rocked the house with some amazing trailers and announcements for long-term projects that haven't arrived yet, but definitely got everyone excited for 2017. It's time to see if the company has another Final Fantasy 7 or The Last Guardian up its sleeve...

Sony's PS4 had another great year and the company should have enough material for a strong presentation just by revisiting games that were teased last year. Seeing more gameplay footage from the Final Fantasy 7 remake would definitely get fans excited and the company can also revisit Horizon: Zero Dawn (which just got a new trailer and a slight delay) and The Last Guardian now that both games should be much closer to finalized.

God of War 4 Tease Sony PS4 Event

In addition to the previously announced games, Sony is sure to drop some expected, and hopefully unexpected, software surprises. The reveal of God of War 4 seems like a sure thing and there is also the rumored open-world game that Sony Bend is quietly producing. It may be too optimistic, but some fans are crossing their fingers for a Crash Bandicoot appearance, as well.

New PS4 games are what will be most exciting for the many gamers who have already invested in the hardware, but Sony is rumored to have some big plans to win over new fans (and maybe even get current users to upgrade and drop some more money). Speculation and reports about Sony's PS4.5 or PS4k have been floating around for months. The unconfirmed console upgrade is rumored to support 4k displays, increase performance, and offer better VR support. At this point, most Sony fans will likely be shocked if the new hardware doesn't make an appearance during this presentation.

If VR support is a main selling point for the rumored hardware, the Sony presentation may also put a focus on VR software. Pre-orders are already closed on the Sony headset, but details on what it will actually be used with are still few and far between. Seeing a lineup of VR games that are more than just tech demos would be a great way to kick of the age of PlayStation VR, which is scheduled to start in October 2016.

What are you hoping for from the Sony presentation? Have you been saving up for a PS4k? Let us know in the comments.

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