Electronic Arts isn’t officially a part of E3 2016, but the company is still having a Sunday press conference to highlight its upcoming games. Watch the stream live right here.

Electronic Arts is one of a few companies taking a different approach to E3 this year. Rather than EA’s usual Monday afternoon slot at the official stage, EA is putting on its own show Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. ET. E3 has evolved a lot in recent years, mostly thanks to the advent and growth of Twitch and YouTube, so it’s not surprising to see some companies trying new tactics to connect with fans and the press in a different way.

Regardless of where the company is broadcasting from, Electronic Arts should have some exciting games to bring onto the stage. Last year the company focused on Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and the usual laundry list of sports titles. Battlefront will likely make another appearance in the form of a DLC announcement, but Mirror’s Edge is currently experience a less than exciting launch, so that game may be overlooked.

Luckily, there are a number of other incoming EA games that the community is excited for. At the top of that list is definitely Mass Effect: Andromeda. The company hasn’t been shy about the fact that work is underway on the game, and there have even been Andromeda teaser trailers, but this could be the first time sci-fi fans get an extended look at some actual gameplay for the newest installment in the franchise. Because the new installment focuses on a different set of characters, the first tease of who gamers will be hanging out with on this adventure should be a great reveal.

Mass Effect Andromeda logo

Battlefield 1 already made its epic debut with a Wold War 1 inspired trailer that thrilled fans in the gaming community. While Call of Duty continues to travel into the future, Battlefield is taking a leap backward and returning to the root of the war shooter genre. If YouTube view and votes are any indication, the FPS community is definitely on team Battlefield heading into E3. EA will likely try to ride that hype with a more in-depth reveal of the new gameplay.

There will also likely be some kind of surprise reveal during the presentation. Star Wars fans have been dying to know what Visceral has in store for the property, so that groundbreaking mystery game in a galaxy far, far away is a definite possibility. BioWare is also working on a new IP, so it’s a bit of a long shot, but that could also be revealed (or at least teased).

The safest bet of the show is that EA will roll out a rock and roll montage for all of the upcoming sports games that are slated to arrive in the next year. This is a staple of the company’s presentation, so sports fans will definitely want to tune in for a quick preview of the upcoming games.

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