Ever since Watch Dogsdelay into 2014, there were rumors circulating that claimed the Wii U version of the game would not launch alongside its current-gen and next-gen counterparts. Many feared that the version had been scrapped altogether, but Ubisoft was quick to confirm Watch Dogs had not been cancelled on Wii U. Unfortunately, when confirming a new, tighter release window for Watch Dogs, Ubisoft was forced to reveal the Wii U version of the game had been delayed.

Now that we have an official, firm release date for Watch Dogs of May 27th, Ubisoft has taken to answering fans’ questions regarding the game: everything from multiplayer player counts to the reasoning behind the Wii U delay. And, as it turns out, the decision ultimately came down to logistics.

In an unofficial Q&A session with Creative Director Jonathan Morin, one gamer took to Twitter to ask why the Wii U version of Watch Dogs had been delayed. More specifically, the gamer wanted to know why Ubisoft hadn’t delayed Watch Dogs to ensure it launched on all platforms simultaneously, like they did for Rayman Legends.

As Morin explains, it was simply a matter of limited manpower. Some members of the Wii U development team were borrowed, so to speak, in order to ensure the other platforms made their May release date — a date that, we assume, was selected by Ubisoft well before any of us knew about it.

While the reasoning makes sense, it is no less disappointing to Wii U owners, who have been getting the short end of the stick, in many respects, for almost a year now. Take the aforementioned Rayman Legends situation, for example. With that title, Ubisoft delayed the Wii U version of the game to make sure it launched alongside the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions. That’s obviously better than cancelling the game — yet another scenario that has befallen Wii U versions of anticipated games — but still no less disappointing. Not to mention, Rayman Legends was originally supposed to be a Wii U exclusive.

At the very least, Wii U owners can take solace in the fact that Watch Dogs is still on the way. It just won’t hit in May.

Watch Dogs releases May 27, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The Wii U version will follow some time after that.

Source: CVG