Ubisoft’s new sandbox IP Watch Dogs depicts a world where being a tech nerd makes you a god, and where your power is limited only by your knowledge of hacking. The main character also carries a gun, though, because when push comes to shove you probably don’t want to rely on throwing your iPhone at someone’s face to knock them out.

The aforementioned protagonist is Aiden Pearce, a man of many layers (probably wise when you live in the Windy City) who is apparently part of an underground community of hackers who use their ability to manipulate the centralized citywide control network to exact vigilante justice on the no-good criminals (as opposed to the good criminals) of Chicago.

Watch Dogs is already solidly in the top 5 most pre-ordered games still to come in 2013, and to help further cement its place there Ubisoft has a released a brand new trailer that showcases some of the praise given by critics who previewed the game at E3 this year. It might have something to do with Grand Theft Auto V also vying for top place on the pre-orders list, but there seems to be more of an emphasis on the open-world driving aspects of Watch Dogs in this trailer as well.

A second video for Watch Dogs features a celebrity cameo by actress, comedian and host Aisha Tyler, but this one is slightly underwhelming. Not only is there a slight dissonance in seeing footage from Watch Dogs with such clunky graphics, after being spoiled by trailer upon trailer of eye-blistering next-gen quality, but the slapstick punchline also falls a little flat. Perhaps it’s because we’re missing the larger context, or perhaps this is some kind of inside joke known only to Tyler and people who work at Ubisoft. Having said that, Tyler’s “personal details” are pretty amusing.

Don’t take Ubisoft to task too harshly over this second trailer, however. Creative director Jonathan Morin has explained on Twitter (the comments have since been removed, but were recorded by NeoGAF) that it was actually released by accident and that the graphics aren’t representative of the finished product. It sounds like someone let the office intern a little too close to the computers:

“Its simply someone who don’t know the tech who check the wrong stuff… So no versions here… You know sometimes 100s of people working together causes communications issues lets just say that ;)… I see the game every day and I can tell you, this trailer is far from it…”

Another great trailer for Watch Dogs that’s only slightly tempered by the accidental spillage of the second. If only Aiden Pearce could hack Ubisoft and somehow make them release the game several months early for us.

Watch Dogs releases November 19, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, and will also be available for the PS4 and Xbox One.


Source: Neogaf