It’s been a longer wait than we’d originally expected, but Ubisoft’s ambitious open-world hacking game Watch Dogs will finally be released next month. Set in an alternate version of Chicago where virtually everything is controlled by a central operating system, Watch Dogs casts the player in the role of Aiden Pearce, a hacker with the ability to break through the CtOS’ defenses and gain access to vast amounts of information and control.

Watch Dogs may well end up keeping gamers occupied through the summer, with a main campaign that takes around 100 hours for full completion and plenty of extra gameplay available in multiplayer. Just in case you run out of things to do, however, details have now been made available regarding additional content that will become available later this year.

As reported by All Games Beta, the season pass for Watch Dogs will include a unique single player campaign with a new playable character, as well as additional weapons, missions and exclusive content. The season pass will cost $19.99, offering a 30% discount compared to buying each piece of DLC separately.

Watch Dogs Next-Gen Pre Orders

A few other characters from the Watch Dogs world have already been revealed, and Aiden’s hacker associate Clara Lille seems likely to play the most prominent supporting role. The additional content may include a campaign in which the player takes on the role of Clara, other previously revealed characters like T-Bone and Jordan Chin, or someone new entirely.

For those who love playing as Aiden Pearce so much that they want to emulate him in real life, Ubisoft has announced that the Ubi Workshop will soon be selling replica versions of his jacket as part of a very limited run of only one hundred jackets, each made from real Italian leather. Expect them to sell at a pretty steep price and to sell out fairly quickly. If you want one for yourself, keep a close eye on the Ubi Workshop site as the end of April approaches.

Watch Dogs is set to launch May 27, 2014 for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. A Wii U release date has yet to be announced.


Source: AGB