If you’re like me, you were probably shouting at your screen to take your money by the time Ubisoft’s press conference had finished. There’s no question that Watch Dogs stole the show at E3 last week, and the big question on everyone’s mind remains, “When do I get to play it?”

The bad news: not until next year. The good news, however, is that it could be primed for next-gen consoles as well as current generation.

Watch Dogs is Ubisoft Montreal’s latest open-world action title, and based on our Watch Dogs E3 preview, there is little doubt that it will stand along side the Assassin’s Creed franchise as a powerful new series for the award-winning developer. Instead of retracing ancestral memories, however, this new independent product introduces players to Aiden Pearce, an expert in information warfare, hacking, and blowing things up. Pearce is a classic anti-hero with a chip on his shoulder for the Central Operating System — “ctOS” for short. From what we have seen so far, players will be using the system against those who depend on it, to access information, blackmail powerful people, and start large firefights in the middle of busy intersections.

Watch Dogs Ubisoft 2013 Gameplay

Could Aiden Pearce be a new household name for Ubisoft’s impressive franchise list? Only time will tell.

While Watch Dogs hasn’t received a concrete release date, its official Twitter account wrote, “The game will be released in 2013 and will be on released on PC and consoles.” Interestingly enough, the original Twitter status has since been removed; however, the game was also confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 by CEO Yves Guillemot – who, when asked about the possibility for a next-gen release, simply said, “We’ll see.” While this is a typical response for such a loaded question, luck shone on players awaiting PlayStation: All-Stars on the PS Vita, who only a few weeks ago heard a very similar answer.

Ranters, I don’t think I need to ask if you’re excited for Ubisoft’s new title, but is it possible we will see a next-gen release in 2013?

Watch Dogs is currently in development by Ubisoft Montreal, and is set to release sometime in 2013 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360… so far.

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Source: VG247