Life in the 21st century largely means that we find ourselves going from one screen to another, whether the screens are on a personal laptop, a phone, a TV, a work computer or an ATM. So, what better vision of the near future could there be than a video game in which the player uses an in-game smartphone to hack into the other in-game technology around them?

That’s the premise of Watch Dogs, the forthcoming open-world game from Ubisoft that grants the player a frightening amount of control over the world around them – from traffic lights to cell phones, fuse boxes to ATMs, cars and security cameras – as they take on the role of Aiden Pearce, a hacker with a grudge, as well as a knack for clawing his way inside Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and making it work for him.

With the release just a few months away, Ubisoft has now announced the pre-order bonuses for the game, which vary depending on where you pre-order from. For gamers who pre-order from GameStop stores across North American, the main perk will be an additional single player mission called The Palace Pack, which will also come with an investigation bonus (unlocking further investigation opportunities) and an ATM hack that allows the player to get larger cash rewards when hacking into ATMs. As we’ve mentioned before, Ubisoft hired comic book artist Alex Ross to design a limited edition poster as a GameStop exclusive pre-order reward, but if you want to get your hands on it then you’ll have to be quick; this bonus is only available while supplies last.

Aiden Pearce in 'Watch Dogs'

Which hand holds the more dangerous weapon?

Before you run to GameStop to place your pre-order, let’s take a look at the exclusive bonuses for customers who order through Amazon. Namely, another single player mission called the Signature Shot Pack that, upon successful completion, rewards the player with a new outfit and a new weapon:

The biometrics weapon has been smuggled into Chicago for the captain of the Black Viceroy’s gang. The weapon only works for the first person to imprint their palm on the handle. Players will need to breach a stronghold, steal the package and be the first to imprint the weapon and get out of The Wards alive.

Just as Watch Dogs‘ gameplay and story will develop along the lines of the player’s preferred style, so to will the decision of where to pre-order the game from depend on what kind of bonuses you find appealing. For a lot of players – particularly comic book fans – the promise of the Alex Ross poster, which is a version of the game’s box art, will be more than enough to tip the scales in favor of GameStop, but Amazon has arguably the better-sounding single-player mission. The Palace Pack’s ATM hack, while it might be useful, is a little dull (if Watch Dogs‘ economy follows the usual open-world video game formula, you’ll soon end up swimming in more cash than you know what to do with anyway), but the Signature Shot Pack’s fingerprint-sensitive personalized weapon makes for an incredibly tempting offer.

Based on these perks, are you planning to pre-order from GameStop, from Amazon, or are you not bothering with pre-orders at all?


Watch_Dogs releases November 19, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. It’ll also launch for the PS4 and next-gen Xbox.

Source: Ubisoft