‘Watch Dogs’ Gameplay Video Highlights Open World Hacking

By | 3 years ago 

By now, most gamers have seen enough of Watch_Dogs to determine whether it will be worth a purchase later this year. But, with Ubisoft banking heavily on this becoming the next big franchise for the developer/publisher, they want to make sure the game gets as much exposure as possible.

More importantly, Ubisoft wants to make sure that gamers know just how unique Watch Dogs is, what with its technology-heavy trappings and 1984-esque premise. To that point, Ubisoft has released a new 14-minute gameplay video for Watch Dogs that features commentary from Animation Director Colin Graham.

While many of the gameplay videos Ubisoft has shown off in the past have focused on specific missions, this latest one highlights Watch Dogs‘ free-roaming gameplay. Like Assassin’s Creed and many of Ubisoft’s other current franchises, Watch Dogs is built around a living, breathing world.

However, although Watch Dogs features a familiar open world, in this case Ubisoft’s version of Chicago, the entire city is run by a central operations system, called CTOS in the game. What makes the game’s protagonist Aiden Pierce such a formidable and interesting character is the fact that he can hack into ctOS and ostensibly control the city.

Watch Dogs Open World Gameplay Video

With these tools at his fingertips, Aiden can help (or not help) citizens through dynamic events that will pop up throughout the game world. As the gameplay video mentions, these events will ultimately determine how the citizens of Chicago react to Aiden, and will color their opinion of him.

And finally, the demo concludes with a brief demo of the game’s multiplayer experience, wherein other players can hack into and impact your game. However, disturbing the balance in one player’s game does not go unnoticed, as you can not only stop the hack attempt but also seek revenge by hacking into that same player’s game.

It’s a concept we saw back at E3 2013, and one that will ensure Watch Dogs stands out even further from the pack. It’s also purely optional, and if players want to experience the game as a strictly single-player experience they can do that as well.

With only a few short months before the release of Watch Dogs on current-gen and next-gen platforms, gamers have likely seen more than enough to make a decision as to whether Ubisoft’s latest will be worth picking up. That won’t stop the developer from hyping the game, though, as they are hoping this will become yet another mainstay franchise.

What do you think of the open world gameplay in Watch Dogs? What has you most excited about the game?

Watch Dogs releases November 19, 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PC; November 15th for the PS4; and November 22nd for the Xbox One.