Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay Demo Confirms Unique NPC Gameplay

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It's been an interesting few days for the Watch Dogs franchise. After a leak spoiled the surprise announcement, Ubisoft followed it up with a tease of their own hinting that Watch Dogs Legion would be featured in London, England. The leaks didn't stop there however as the box art leaked online mere hours before its official announcement trailer at Ubisoft's E3 2019 Press Conference.

Following all of the rumored details, the announcement trailer for Watch Dogs Legion finally arrived as expected and it confirmed a lot of the unique gameplay elements fans learned about earlier than expected. In a near future London, players are forming a resistance against an ever oppressive government faction.

The alpha gameplay demo shows the player trying to rescue a specific individual who's an expert with drones. Things go a bit sideways giving fans their first look at melee combat and some new abilities like going invisible. Eventually, the DedSec character is killed in action, revealing a new permadeath feature and the character Helen.

The elderly retired assassin was tasked with infiltrating a heavily guarded area to download the record of a new character DedSec attempted to recruit. Following that, gameplay and player control shifted to Naomi, with her segment of the demo focusing more on action and ranged gun combat. As expected, many of the hack abilities return including the audio implant hack.

As previously hinted at, the characters inhabiting this game each have their own backstory and persistent schedule. Players can recruit anyone they want to join the resistance and then being able to play as them. Each one is fully voiced, has unique traits, and can change how cutscenes play out to reflect their personality. Better yet, Watch Dogs Legion also features four player coop for those who want to play together.

Watch Dogs Legion launches March 6, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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