Watch Dogs Legion Trailer Reveals New Playable Characters, Including One That Dies Randomly

watch dogs legion trailer playable characters

At E3 2019, Ubisoft officially revealed Watch Dogs Legion, which looks to be making some major changes to the Watch Dogs formula. Arguably the biggest change is how Watch Dogs Legion doesn't have a main character, but instead makes virtually every NPC in the game playable, each with their own backstories and special abilities. We got a look at some of the playable characters at E3, but now Ubisoft has revealed a new trailer detailing even more of the NPCs players will be able to recruit in Watch Dogs Legion, including one that may die randomly.

In the new Watch Dogs Legion trailer, revealed during the Gamescom Stadia Connect presentation, fans can get their first look at an elderly man named Alan Murphy. Murphy enjoys +100% damage when using rifles, but hasn't been to the doctor in 25 years. Due to his age and failure to keep up with his health, Murphy can die randomly, and since Watch Dogs Legion has permadeath, once he's dead, he's gone forever.

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Besides the ill-fated Alan Murphy, the Watch Dogs Legion trailer highlighted some other NPCs that players can recruit. There's also Viktor Lysenko, a drunk who gains +50% damage resistance after drinking alcohol, as well as Sue Taylor, a lawyer who has a 25% chance of automatically getting any captured operatives out of jail immediately.

Since almost every NPC in Watch Dogs Legion can be recruited, there will surely be many more playable characters revealed for the game between now and its release next year. In the meantime, this new approach to the series seems to be paying off for Ubisoft, as quirky characters like Alan Murphy and the retired elderly assassin Helen (revealed in the E3 trailer) helping the game stand out from the sea of other open world titles on the market.

The uniqueness of each character seems to be one of the strongest elements of Watch Dogs Legion, and it will be exciting to see if every other character in the game is as unique as the ones revealed in the trailers. We'll find out when Watch Dogs Legion launches next year.

Watch Dogs Legion launches March 6 for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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