‘Watch Dogs’ DLC Heads To New Jersey This Fall

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It seems like just yesterday that the next-gen gaming crowd was preparing to hack, drive, and shoot their way through a near-future Chicago as Watch Dogs‘ protagonist, Aiden Pearce. But if players had assumed that the horrible misuse of that technological weaponry had scared off other cities, we’ve got some bad news. Camden, New Jersey looks to be the next victim, with Ubisoft confirming DLC set in the city which will be released later this year.

For those who may have missed out on the game, the hacking and essentially citywide control of Chicago was made possible through the adoption of ctOS – an operating system which oversaw all infrastructure and city operations within Chicago. Once Aiden Pearce was capable of hacking the system, he gained control over nearly every piece of digital equipment or machinery connected to it.

One would think that the path of destruction and death left in (some) players’ wake would have proven that the system was flawed, but despite the death toll and destruction – or perhaps because of it? – at least one more American city will be adopting the program. That’s according to Ubisoft themselves, who sent out the following Tweet:

The cryptic reference to Camden, New Jersey’s crime rates was later clarified by the publisher, when questions began to pour in:

Unfortunately, those are the only details available now, so players will have to discern for themselves if a similar trip to another city is the most likely direction for Watch Dogs DLC. Will the story continue with Aiden Pearce at its center, or will it adopt a new main character (as the developers are still unsure if Pearce will return for Watch Dogs 2). Given the game’s commercial success, some extensive story-based DLC was a safe bet, but it seems Ubisoft isn’t going to offer any more information until the Fall release date comes a bit closer.

What direction would you like to see taken for Watch Dogs DLC? Would more of the same open world gameplay in a new location get you back into the game, or would a new angle on the issues dealt with through the singleplayer campaign be more likely? Share your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll keep you up to date as more news surrounding Watch Dogs is released.

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Source: Ubisoft (via Reddit)