In Ubisoft‘s latest open world title, Watch Dogs, connection is everything. As hero Aiden Pearce sets off on his quest for revenge he will use the interconnectedness of near-future Chicago as a means of protection, aggression, and information.

However, Pearce won’t be alone in his endeavor; like many great Ubisoft releases, Watch Dogs will include a diverse cast of side characters, all with big personalities. And it will be the connections to these characters that will either be Pearce’s greatest asset, or potentially his greatest downfall.

The trailer above highlights a handful of Pearce’s closest allies in Watch Dogs, characters who will assist him on that quest for revenge. Many of them seem as mysterious as Aiden, with cool nicknames like Iraq and Lucky, and are just as likely to help as they are to double cross.

A personal favorite is Jordi Chin, an ally who appears to value the chaos of a well-placed explosive or a daring escape. We obviously don’t know too much about Jordi at this point, but if he’s anything like the brash side characters Ubisoft is known for creating, then we’re sure his scenes/missions will be a genuine highlight.

It’s also worth pointing out T-Bone, the dreadlocked character who not only works with Aiden Pearce, but is also getting his own playable side-story. T-Bone’s content will be included as DLC, and will be available either as an a la carte offering or with the recently unveiled Watch Dogs Season Pass.

Watch Dogs Characters Screen

All told, it seems like Watch Dogs has a diverse cast of characters propelling the technophobic story forward. For that matter, while Ubisoft has been more than forthcoming regarding Watch Dogshacking gameplay, details regarding its story have been a little harder to come by. Now, we have a slightly clearer picture of how the world of Watch Dogs works beyond the general synopsis of Aiden’s quest for revenge. Again, it’s unclear how many of these characters will prove valuable to the player as assets and how many might turn on them at the drop of a hat — it’s hard to tell in the morally grey world of Watch Dogs.

With less than a month until release, Watch Dogs promotion has hit a fever pitch, leaving little more for Ubisoft to reveal or say about the game in lieu of letting gamers go hands-on with it. Still, if Ubisoft has more to say, we’ll be sure to share it.

Which of the Watch Dogs side characters are you most intrigued by? Which do you think has the best chance of turning on Aiden?

Watch Dogs releases May 27, 2014 for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The Wii U version will hit some time after that.

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