Ever since its initial announcement, there has been speculation that Watch Dogs is somehow linked with the world of Assassin’s Creed. With both games developed by Ubisoft and featuring open-world mechanics, it’s hard not to hope for some sort of connection. While a direct and overt connection is unlikely, a recent discovery could link the worlds of the two franchises far more concretely. Or at least imply that it’s one the developers’ minds.

The fiction of two the franchise was playfully implied to be a shared universe with a reference made to Watch Dogs‘ ‘CtOS’ in an Abstergo Entertainment email found within Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. The latest piece of evidence comes in the form of one of many symbols found in protagonist Aiden Pierce’s smartphone. The symbol is that of the Assassin Order (or one close to it), the secret society to which the series’ protagonists either belong or are inextricably linked in their ancient struggle with a secret order known as the Templars. If speculation is to be believed, Watch Dogs’ protagonist Aiden could very well find himself also embroiled in this age-old struggle.

The screenshots in question on were initially posted to GameSpot, highlighting the design of the game’s hacking-centric smartphone. In no time, an eagle-eyed Reddit user going by ‘Kurashu’ took note of some familiar Assassin’s Creed-esque elements within the phone’s UI. One of the apps that is present on the phone’s display not only bears a striking resemblance to the symbol of the Assassin Order when flipped, but the apps description is conveniently blurred in each photo.

This is a particularly interesting detail as each of the surrounding apps name is easily readable. The logical conclusion is that the feature hidden behind this icon is something Ubisoft isn’t quite ready to share. Could it include some sort of assassination-based mission that has Aiden sneaking through the city of Chicago like an Altair or Ezio? Whatever it is, the developers aren’t ready to make it public and a connection to their other venerable series is entirely possible.

To further add fuel to the fires of speculation, the design and intricate lines of the round objects connected to this possible Assassin symbol can be likened to the Pieces Of Eden that hold much of the Assassin’s Creed series’ backstory. If this is in fact the case, it could help provide the necessary link between the very different time periods displayed in these two series.

It’s entirely possible that these connections between Aiden and the Assassins are some of the larger unused ideas that Ubisoft intends to use in a Watch  Dogs sequel. Regardless, many signs are pointing to potential links between the two series, and for all gamers’ know, the newly-announced playable character could very well be a Templar. The answers to these questions will have to wait until the game’s quickly-approaching release.

Do you think Watch Dogs will end up containing links to the Assassin’s Creed series? Would you like to see Aiden take on some assassination contracts and release his inner Desmond?


Watch Dogs is set to release on May 27, 2014 for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. A Wii U release date has yet to be announced.

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Source: Reddit