Did Ubisoft Just Tease Watch Dogs 3?


It has been known for some time that Ubisoft has a total of four AAA games releasing in the next fiscal year, but until recently, only two were known. The most popular rumors concerning the two unknown games suggested they would be Watch Dogs 3 and The Division 2. To begin with, these titles were just rumors, but it seems much likelier now that these titles are the games Ubisoft will release before April 2019.

Despite not yet having a release date, The Division 2 was announced just last month. This move by Ubisoft may have very well cemented the game in a release date occurring before the end of the fiscal year, and it seemingly gave more credence to the aforementioned rumors. Now, it seems that Ubisoft has potentially begun teasing its fourth and final AAA game.

The official Watch Dogs Twitter account sent out a cryptic “This is everything” tweet before the tweet quickly disappeared (check out the tweet in the screenshot below). Many gamers speculate that this could be the launch of a viral marketing campaign, as what else could this tweet mean? Its disappearance from the social media platform lines up well with the hacker theme of the action-adventure game.

ubisoft teases watch dogs 3 with tweet

This tweet also follows recent rumors that the next Watch Dogs game would take place in London, which makes sense considering the first game took place in Chicago and the second in the San Francisco Bay area. While the tweet and London rumors are simply rumors, it’s possible that some word of confirmation – one way or the other – is heard before or during this year’s E3.

Nevertheless, while waiting on some form of confirmation concerning Watch Dogs 3, gamers can be keeping their eyes on news concerning The Division 2. While there’s no telling when or if Watch Dogs 3 will be announced, The Division 2 has the biggest Ubisoft development team ever, which means that the sequel to Ubisoft’s online tactical shooter could be hitting shelves sooner than expected. Tell us, Ranters, what do you think "this is everything" means for the franchise?

Watch Dogs 3 has yet to be officially announced.

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