Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Highlights New Hero Marcus

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The latest trailer for Watch Dogs 2 offers a closer look at the game's new main character, Marcus, and his hacking companions in Ubisoft's upcoming game.

Despite the initial hype at the game's reveal, Ubisoft's upcoming hacker-themed title, Watch Dogs 2, has been staying under the radar lately. But now, the developer has released a new video, highlighting main character Marcus as well as shedding more light on his new family at Dedsec.

Watch Dogs 2 features a brand-new protagonist, stepping away from the days of Aiden Pearce. First leaked 3 months ago by actor Cort King, Marcus Halloway is a young, self-taught hacker who resides in San Francisco. In a new video series entitled "Remote Access" Ubisoft offers gamers a glimpse into the world of Watch Dogs, beginning with its characters.

Ruffin Prentiss, the voice actor for Marcus, claims that the young hacker has a personality that can best be described as "a lot of fun." Marcus has a lot of labels pushed upon him because of where he's from and his family history, something that he's fighting against in a world dominated by ctOS 2.0.


The actor states that the new protagonist is trying to fight against injustice, and he wants everything to be fair. By joining Dedsec, Marcus is reaching out to the hacker community, looking for help in the battle to take back the world's privacy.

The other San Francisco-based Dedsec members are also highlighted in the video, starting with The Wrench. Shown off in the Watch Dogs 2 gameplay trailer at E3 2016, Wrench is Marcus' closest friend who loves anarchy.

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Sitara is the group's only revealed female member. Voice actor Tasya Teles describes her character as playful but also very serious, and with a great deal of purpose. Sitara is the one responsible for the group's art, along with all of Dedsec's visuals.

Lastly there is Josh, described as the "human connection" to Dedsec. A quiet character, Josh only really speaks up when he has something important to say. Josh is the main coder at Dedsec, responsible for the tech-heavy side of hacking.

The new team aspect of Watch Dogs 2 looks to be an interesting dynamic, something that the series may have needed, given the lukewarm reception to the first game. For what it's worth our experience with Watch Dogs 2 left us wanting more, so we can only hope that the character relationships prove to be engaging enough to get people behind the changes brought to the game.

Watch Dogs 2 releases November 15, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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