Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Features Return of T-Bone


Ubisoft unveils the latest Watch Dogs 2 story trailer, which reveals the game's main antagonist alongside the return of an old fan favorite to the ranks of DedSec.

News regarding Watch Dogs 2 has been slow in the past few months, leading many gamers to speculate that the game might not be as close to finished as Ubisoft was hoping and that fans might have another dreaded release date delay on their hands in the near future. The last Watch Dogs 2 gameplay trailer surfaced a month ago and was primarily a demonstration of the game's intriguing multiplayer modes, which sated some critics but left many wanting more details about the game's main mission gameplay and story developments.

Luckily, Ubisoft kicked its Watch Dogs 2 preview coverage into high gear earlier today, allowing several publications to unveil an exclusive Watch Dogs 2 gameplay preview that showcased core game mechanics in action. While that likely would have been enough for fans to digest over the next few days, Ubisoft then unleashed a brand new Watch Dogs 2 story trailer an hour later, a mostly cinematic video that provides more details on DedSec alongside a strong indication of who players can expect to occupy the role of main antagonist.


Manbun-sporting hipster CTOs aside, however, the clear star of the newest story trailer is Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney, the paranoid hacker from the original Watch Dogs who just so happens to be a founding member of DedSec and Blume's public enemy number one. The fan favorite sidekick whose personality greatly overshadowed Aiden Pearce's has already received the main spotlight in Watch Dogs DLC "Bad Blood", but Ubisoft has clearly noticed his popularity and decided to bring him back alongside a much more interesting crew this time around.

The revelation that T-Bone will be present in Watch Dogs 2 offers up more questions than answers, but it's a safe bet that whatever his reasons for surfacing in Watch Dogs 2's San Francisco setting are, they're not good for Blume and the rest of the bad guys DedSec will be fighting. It will also be interesting to see whether or not there is any tension between new protagonist Marcus and T-Bone, as T-Bone's paranoia often made him favor a safer, stealthier approach while the trailer clearly shows that Marcus isn't afraid to be flashy and brash.

Whatever the case may be, the return of T-Bone and the reveal of an inherently unlikeable yet colorful villain in Blume's CTO Dušan Nemec makes for yet another demonstration of how much more fun Ubisoft is willing to be with its sequel to the much drearier Watch Dogs. Improved gameplay, a more interesting story, and a much more colorful world all seem to point in one direction, and it appears Watch Dogs 2 might finally make good on the promise of its predecessor.

Watch Dogs 2 will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15, 2016.

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