Watch Dogs 2 Special Editions Revealed


Ubisoft officially reveals the contents for multiple different Special Edition versions of the company's forthcoming action-adventure release Watch Dogs 2.

Following Watch Dogs 2's official world premiere trailer yesterday, game developer and publisher Ubisoft has now unveiled that the game is set to have six different versions that fans can purchase, with five of them being Special Editions. Of course, there will be the standard iteration that simply contains the base game for Watch Dogs 2, but then the company is also putting out a Deluxe Edition, Gold Edition, San Francisco Edition, Wrench JR Robot Collector's Pack, and The Return of Dedsec Collector's Case.

Naturally, each of these versions of Watch Dogs 2 escalate in terms of pricing, and with this being the case, it means that the higher cost fans are willing to pay, then they will in turn receive more quality in-game goodies and trinkets. It's also worth noting, however, that even though players spend top dollar for a particular version, it doesn't necessarily mean they will get every piece of collector's memorabilia Ubisoft is producing for the game.

For instance, one of the most expensive Special Editions, Watch Dogs 2's Wrench JR Robot Collector's Pack, contains the Deluxe Pack, Season Pass, and an actual robot with 360 degree movement, 17 pre-recorded sentences, and controllable movements via a phone app, but it won't net fans any additional wares. That said, should gamers wish to go for the other priciest version of Watch Dogs 2— that is, The Return of Dedsec Collector's Case—they will get everything offered thus far, excluding the robot and figurine of the game's protagonist, Marcus. Fans can get a full rundown of the Special Editions' prices and see their contents with the checklist below.

  • Standard Edition - $59.99
  • Deluxe Edition - $69.99
  • Gold Edition - $99.99
  • San Francisco Edition - $114.99
  • Wrench Jr Robot Collector's Pack - $165.99
  • The Return of Dedsec Collector's Case - $165.99

Ubisoft has also revealed that those fans who pre-order Watch Dogs 2 will be privy to an exclusive mission entitled "Zodiac Killer," which will presumably have players attempting to solve the long-dormant serial murder cold case within the game's San Francisco setting. Upon the mission's completion, players will receive an "exclusive outfit" as a reward, but developers didn't detail exactly what it would look like.

At any rate, there is still plenty to be revealed about Watch Dogs 2, as Ubisoft has promised coverage of the game at E3 2016. Taking this into consideration, it still remains to be seen as to whether or not the company's claims of Watch Dogs 2 improving upon 2014's original release in the franchise will become a reality. Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot has stated that the open world title will have "innovative gameplay," but since it's a game being released under his company's banner, it makes sense for him to say that, so it's best to just reserve judgment until all of the facts have been reported.

What do you think about Watch Dogs 2's multiple Special Editions? Do you consider any of them to be fetching enough to purchase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Watch Dogs 2 is set for release on November 15, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Amazon, GamesRadar

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