As part of the latest patch for Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft has added a compelling mystery side quest to the game that has players buzzing and preparing for tomorrow’s DLC.

Since Ubisoft released Watch Dogs 2 a few months ago, gamers have been anxiously exploring the game’s rendition of San Francisco. During that time, players have discovered unique Easter Eggs, fun unlocks, and a handful of bugs.

However, the latest discovery, made after the most recent update, may be the most compelling. In preparation for Watch Dog 2’s upcoming DLC drop, Ubisoft released Patch 1.11. The update prepares the various gaming platforms for tomorrow’s expansion by adding a few features to the game and preparing.

Players in Watch Dogs 2 have unearthed a mystery surrounding someone known as “The Shuffler.” Apparently, players started “hearing rumblings of weird text conversations between NPCs,” at least according to Redditor EpicStreamMan. Those text conversations centered around four teenagers calling themselves “Shuffler hunters” and their expedition to find The Shuffler.

According to what information revealed via local radio within Watch Dogs 2, the teens went missing during their escapade. Those few bits of information have launched an investigation among gamers to figure out who The Shuffler is and where the teens have gone.

The official Watch Dogs 2 Tumblr page confirmed player suspicions by referring to The Shuffler, claiming the character is an urban legend so terrifying that those with knowledge about The Shuffler have lost their minds.

Players scoured the fictional San Francisco landscape and discovered four instances of graffiti showing off a frightening red scowl and some unidentified text. However, that’s as far as players have come with their investigation. It’s very likely the legend of The Shuffler will expand when tomorrow’s DLC goes live.

Watch Dogs 2 graveyard shuffler

The addition of The Shuffler may end up being a very positive move for Ubisoft. So far the little bit players have unearthed has sparked numerous discussions online and brought many players back to the game to join in the search. Depending on how deep the mystery of The Shuffler goes, this could be the start of a revitalizing for the game. And if all goes well, hopefully Ubisoft will add more such mysterious experiences to Watch Dogs 2.

This isn’t the first time a developer has hidden a mystery within a game. Electronic Arts and DICE are notorious for doing this with the Battlefield games. Grand Theft Auto 5 also sports a notorious mystery centered around Mount Chiliad. It’s a mystery that continues to this day with some players still anxiously seeking answers. Hopefully The Shuffler mystery won’t last that long.

What do you think about The Shuffler in Watch Dogs 2? Will you join the search for the four lost teenagers?

Watch Dogs 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.