Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Details Revealed By Ubisoft


With the release of Watch Dogs 2 now only a couple weeks away, Ubisoft releases information regarding the downloadable content coming inside of the season pass.

Ubisoft is looking to provide a soft reboot of the Watch Dogs franchise with the upcoming sequel. While the first game had a number of good ideas, many fans felt that it fell flat in a few areas including the protagonist and visuals. Watch Dogs 2 is making sweeping changes across the board, ditching major pieces like the former protagonist, location, and certain gameplay elements such as the tower climbing mechanic and other mini-games. After going gold last week and with the release date quickly approaching, Ubisoft has finally revealed the contents of the season pass.

Interested parties can either pick up Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition which contains the game and season pass, or pick up the season pass separately for $39.99 or the regional equivalent. The pass includes a host of extras and three downloadable content packs which Ubisoft plans to release starting in December and running through Spring 2017. Keep in mind that PS4 users get first access to this content for 30 days, with Xbox One and PC users following after.


While full details are limited, Ubisoft has provided a small outline for each of the three packs. Here's what fans can look forward to:

  • T-Bone Content Bundle: Available starting December 13 for PS4 users, this pack unlocks a new outfit for Marcus, inspired by the legendary hacker Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney. Players can also roam the streets of San Francisco in his signature School Bus, which is outfitted with a huge scoop in the front, custom paint job, and the ability to flip cars. Lastly, this bundle adds a new co-op difficulty level called Mayhem, which makes co-op missions more challenging with smarter and more lethal enemies including a new enemy type armed to the teeth with advanced tech.
  • Human Conditions: Fans of story based content should check this content out as players join forces with Lenny and Jordi through three new world stories. These missions provide hours of new content and will uncover some major scandals in the science, medicine, and technology industries of San Francisco. New elite co-op missions are also being added along with a new enemy type called Jammer, which actively hunts players down. Ubisoft is planning this update sometime in Spring 2017.
  • No Compromise: The last of the main three DLC packs introduces another world story which pits Marcus against the Russian mafia. A new co-op mode called Showd0wn which pits a team from DedSec versus another team in an all out deathmatch style mode. Just like Human Conditions, Ubisoft expects to release this sometime in the Spring of 2017 as well.
Watch Dogs 2 DedSec Meeting

While much of the content will be released over time, season pass owners unlock the following DLC packs right away:

  • Root Access Bundle: This pack includes a bunch of new outfits for Marcus along with new cars, weapons, and skins for the drone. This pack also comes with the pre-order bonus Zodiac Killer Mission.
  • Psychedelic Pack: Exactly what it sounds like, players can equip neon and rainbow inspired styles for Marcus, his car, drone, and weapons.

What do you think of the content being offered in this season pass? Will you be picking this up or waiting to see how the content actually pans out? Let us know in the comment section.

Watch Dogs 2 launches on November 15, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PC players can jump in a couple weeks later on November 29.

Source: Ubisoft — YouTube

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