Hack 20% Off Watch Dogs 2 Gold and Standard Edition for PC

After a 2-week delay from its console counterpart, the Hack-n-Splode Watch Dogs 2 is now available on the PC. A surprising turn from Ubisoft resulted in a relatively successful port, as user reviews are very positive with reports of a well optimized game with good frame rates. PC gamers deciding to take the plunge, particularly fans of the franchise, can enjoy its first post-launch discount spotted for the week.

All three editions of Watch Dogs 2 are 20% off their list prices. Below you'll find the best deal yet from an authorized Ubisoft distributor.

Watch_Dogs 2 Uplay Deals

Unlike most deals at GMG that we've spotted in the past few months, consumers don't need a login or coupon code to see the price break. Everyone gets instant savings with their key delivered instantly after purchase.

Standard vs Deluxe vs Gold Editions

If you were thinking of just going with the Standard Edition, but had budgeted $60 already, you could now go with the Deluxe Edition and still make out with a discount. As with all percentage-based discounts, the higher the list price, the greater dollar amount of savings to be had with a full $20 saved on the Gold Edition with this discount.

  • The Deluxe Edition of Watch Dogs 2 includes the base game and 2 personalization packs. These packs include unique items like clothing, cars, drones, and weapon skins. For the Deluxe Edition, you get the Punk Rock Pack and the Urban Artist Pack.
  • The Gold Edition includes the base game, the Deluxe personalization packs, and the game's Season Pass. If customization is your forte, the Season Pass grants you the Psychedelic Pack, which is just another custom pack in addition to the ones you get in the Deluxe Edition. Beyond the personalization packs, the Season Pass contains three more announced DLCs
    • T-Bone Content Bundle
    • Human Conditions Mission
    • No Compromise (world story)

    If you want everything Watch Dogs 2 has to offer right off the bat; the Gold Edition is the best discount dollar wise. If you want to get your toes wet before diving in; we think the Standard Edition has plenty of meat and content in it to keep you satisfied. After all, if you were that big of a Watch_Dogs 2 fan - you'd probably already be playing the game instead of reading this deals roundup.

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