Watch Dogs 2 PC Nvidia GameWorks Trailer

Watch Dogs 2 PC Trailer - Nvidia GameWorks

The delayed PC launch of Watch Dogs 2 is now less than a week away, so Nvidia is providing a special 'GameWorks' trailer with developer commentary on PC features.

Watch Dogs 2 launched just one week ago on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While initial sales of the game have reportedly dropped significantly over its predecessor, Ubisoft still has Black Friday and the holidays to look forward to. The original Watch Dogs launched during Black Friday week, after all, and did quite well. There's also the delayed launch of Watch Dogs 2 on PC to look forward to, even if it's going to miss the big weekend sales.

Much like with many multi-platform AAA game releases, Nvidia is working with the game's publisher Ubisoft to ensure that Watch Dogs 2 is as optimized as possible on launch day. Watch Dogs 2 is yet another member of Nvidia's GameWorks program, which usually is tied into a set of launch-day drivers intended to make the new game run like melted butter.

To help highlight how Watch Dogs 2 looks on Nvidia machines, Ubisoft has released the below trailer:

In the trailer, which runs over two minutes long, Watch Dogs 2 Senior Producer Dominique Guay discusses several features intended for high-end PCs. From HBAO+, HFTS shadowing, TXAA, as well as PC exclusive features like volumetric fog, no FPS cap, multi-monitor support, and an FoV slider, Watch Dogs 2 will have plenty of visual customization options. Of course, the optimization goes both ways, as PC owners with older hardware will find options for them as well.


Delayed launches for PC versions of games can be extremely frustrating for players. With games like Watch Dogs 2 and other AAA titles, which usually sell much stronger on consoles, PC versions can be delayed weeks, months, or even longer than a year. Recently, however, publishers are being given more slack in this regard. That's in large part due to a number of very poor PC ports.

Ubisoft delaying Watch Dogs 2 past Black Friday could be a worrying factor by itself, though it's unlikely the game would be discounted so quickly after launch anyway.  There's also the Assassin's Creed 2 remaster on PC to consider, which has some questionable visual improvements.

Still, Nvidia's trailer should help soothe that wariness. It definitely looks like Watch Dogs 2 will launch with all of the expected features of a PC game. Let's just hope it runs smoothly, too.

Of course, what ultimately matters is whether Watch Dogs 2 is a great game or not, and so far reception (read Game Rant's Watch Dogs 2 review) for the game has been very positive. If PC gamers are worried, it's only because they have high expectations for the Ubisoft's big holiday release.

Watch Dogs 2 will launch on PC starting November 29. The open world action shooter is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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