Ubisoft releases patch notes for new Watch Dogs 2 update, which includes additions and changes to missions, leaderboards, and weapon mechanics, among other fixes.

Despite receiving fairly strong reviews across the board, Watch Dogs 2 has struggled to sell well with gamers. The unique take on the world of hacking offers plenty of engaging gameplay, along with intriguing characters, but thanks to the letdown of its predecessor and some challenges with multiplayer at launch, Watch Dogs 2 continues to hobble along.

Fortunately for those who have picked up the title, Ubisoft seems dedicated to improving the experience for players. The publisher is releasing a new update, dubbed patch 1.08, this week that will tweak a few issues, fix some bugs, and add in new features that should help increase the immersion and enjoyment for Watch Dogs 2 players on all platforms.

Among the many fixes and additions coming in the update are a few noteworthy items that stick out, especially for those who have already spent quite a few hours in Watch Dogs 2. First up is a new function that will allow players to replay missions in Watch Dogs 2. Gamers simply need to jump back into any Main Operation level they’ve completed to replay the mission. Ubisoft says it’s doing this to “let you relive your favorite moments or experiment with different playstyles.”

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Granted, this new feature won’t be used by all, but for those players that do enjoy taking a second, third, or fourth whack at a mission, this will be a useful feature. It may even spark some players doing speedrun missions within Watch Dogs 2.

Another positive addition is an update to the Watch Dogs 2 leaderboard ranking. The company wants to showcase each player’s leadership rank more prominently, showing players where they stand both before and after each multiplayer match, as well as within the multiplayer app. This should make it easier for players to see where they stand and compare their stats with their friends.

One major change coming with the update has to do with commands coming from police officers when players break the speed limit. In the patch notes, Ubisoft offered these thoughts on the police update:

“We’ve also had a talk with the ‘PULL OVER NOW!’ policewoman and she agrees that it’s not necessary to repeat that command as frequently to get the point across. We’re all grateful.”


One other positive change worth noting is the update to the shooting mechanics. Ubisoft is improving the weapon recoil, allowing for increased accuracy when firing multiple rounds. Additionally, the sound of each bullet impact has been improved. This should improve the shooting experience overall, and make it easier for players to both hit their target and know they’ve hit their target.

The full list of changes and additions coming with the Watch Dogs 2 1.08 patch update can be seen on the next page.

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Watch Dogs 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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