Watch Dogs 2 Guide: How to Unlock the Jurassic Park Jeep

Watch Dogs 2 Guide: How to Unlock the Jurassic Park Jeep - DedSec Jurassic Park jeep

Watch Dogs 2 features a unique vehicle that is based on the iconic jeep from the first Jurassic Park movie. Here's where to find the jeep and how to access it.

Like many open world games, Watch Dogs 2 is filled with secrets for adventurous gamers to discover, including a slew of hidden gnomes that net players a special outfit once they've been collected. Besides gnomes, Watch Dogs 2 players can also hunt down a number of unique vehicles that players can find to unlock achievements and other bonuses in the game, with perhaps the most notable unique vehicle taking inspiration from the iconic jeep from Jurassic Park.

Accessing the Jurassic Park jeep is not a difficult task, but narrowing down its location can be challenging. The jeep is located on the northeast side of the map, in the Oakland area, right across the street from Lakeside Park. Here players will find a gated area that can be accessed by navigating the rooftops with the RC car, which is the more difficult method, or simply by using the RC car's spring jump ability to hop over the gate.

With the spring jump ability for the RC car unlocked, head to the jeep's location (pinpointed in the video from PS4Trophies below), and then park a car against the gate itself. Use the RC car's spring jump ability to jump on top of the car, and then over the gate. The gate controls are in a red box on the garage, so hack it with the RC car to open the gate and gain access to the Jurassic Park jeep.


The jeep is identical to the jeep driven by the characters in the first Jurassic Park film, except the Jurassic Park logo is swapped with a DedSec logo - the hacking group that protagonist Marcus Holloway aligns himself with during the events of the Watch Dogs 2's story. Besides simply resembling the Jurassic Park jeep, though, it is tied to the film franchise in another clever way.

While vibrating jello on the dashboard would have been a nice touch, another way fans can make no mistake the hidden jeep in Watch Dogs 2 is based on the one from Jurassic Park is the sound its horn makes. If players honk the horn, the entire screen shakes and a dinosaur roar erupts, which is sure to disturb the peace in San Francisco.

The Jurassic Park jeep is just one example of the many secrets hidden in Watch Dogs 2's open world for players to find. And now that the seamless online multiplayer is finally starting to come back online, fans can hunt down the game's many secrets and unique vehicles with friends and strangers alike.

Watch Dogs 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, and launches for PC on November 29th.

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