Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot states that Watch Dogs 2 will bring in both a ‘new tone’ and ‘innovative gameplay’, hinting that the sequel may live up to the expectation the first title didn’t quite fulfill.

Ever since Watch Dogs 2 was accidentally confirmed a year ago, fans have been speculating on how Ubisoft could take more risks with the franchise and finally deliver on what was originally hyped to be an industry-changing game. Watch Dogs 2 will have plenty to do in order to impress fans, many of whom expected more from the original title – which isn’t to say it wasn’t enjoyable, though it just wasn’t the game-changing debut that many thought it would be.

Today, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot shed some light on the upcoming sequel during an earnings call with investors. The CEO wasn’t afraid from building up too much hype in regards to the game, stating that it could be one of Ubisoft’s best-selling titles of all time – though he made similar comments about Rainbow Six: Siege prior to its release, too. Guillemot didn’t offer any numbers behind his prediction, but told those on the conference call that Watch Dogs 2 will feature a “new tone” with “innovative gameplay.”

Watch Dogs 2 Protagonist Rumor

We’re not sold entirely on the new tone comment, as it looks like the protagonist for the game has already been leaked by a mo-cap actor. If the image is to be believed, the new game will center around a familiar-feeling, face-concealing man with a penchant for holding a phone in one hand, and a gun in the other. As far as the character’s own tone goes, the inclusion of a bright Livestrong bracelet and a turquoise bandanna add a dash of color to the otherwise very Aiden Pearce-esque character.

Still, the studio promised to take more risks with the second iteration of the franchise, and that’s exactly what fans will expect. We’ve been longstanding critics about new intellectual properties playing it safe when they come out of the shadows, and we can only hope Ubisoft brings the exciting concept of a tech-based lethal saboteur to new heights with the upcoming title.

While the original Watch Dogs didn’t live up to the massive hype the studio had built up beneath it, it was by no means a bad game – just not a revolutionary one. It was certainly still a commercial success, selling over 4 million units in its first week, which is more units than Dark Souls 3 has shipped to date. We expect that Ubisoft will build upon the foundation that the first game laid down, and we also expect Watch Dogs 2 to be shown at E3 2016, since the game is slated to launch before April 2017 – presumably without a Wii U release this time around.

What do you think Watch Dogs 2 can do to provide more innovative gameplay, Ranters?

Source: GameSpot