Watch Dogs 2 Has Gone Gold


In a post on the official Twitter account, Ubisoft announces that its open world, hacker-centric action game, Watch Dogs 2, has gone gold in advance of its upcoming launch.

Things have moved fairly quickly for Watch Dogs 2 after its accidental announcement prior to E3. Since that time, Ubisoft has been fairly forthcoming with information, perhaps in an effort to show people that many of the criticisms of the first game have been removed entirely from its sequel. Even though the wait for PC users may be a little longer than originally anticipated, the countdown until launch has officially begun for Watch Dogs 2. With just two more weeks before the game hits store shelves, a major milestone for the title has finally been it.

It may have taken a little longer than many people may have suspected, but the upcoming hacker forcused open world title, Watch Dogs 2 has finally gone gold. The news comes from the official Watch Dogs 2 Twitter account, which revealed the news with an animated gif reminiscent of the artistic style found inside the game.


Just like the new visual style, the themes found within Watch Dogs 2 seem to have shifted as well, focusing more on data collection, having fun, and embracing hacker culture. Much of this can be seen in the recently revealed mission gameplay called Cyber Rider.

It's clear that Ubisoft took many of the criticisms levied at the first game to heart as Watch Dogs 2 either changes many of the things people weren't much of a fan of or outright replaces them. The biggest change this time around is the main character, now centered on DedSec hacker Marcus Holloway than the wooden Aiden Pearce. The city of Chicago has also been left behind in favor of the sprawling, tech driven rolling hills of San Francisco and the surrounding bay area.

From a gameplay perspective, fans may be relieved to know that  the traditional Ubisoft open world mechanic of climbing a tower or other tall object to unlock parts of the map has been completely scrapped. With Watch Dogs 2, the developers were more interested in having the player discover new things as they played, so new missions and content can be unlocked simply by finding it or through the new progression system from earning enough followers in-game.

Do you like what you've seen out of this latest entry in the series or are you waiting to see how it does with reviews first? Tell us what you're thinking in the comments below.

Watch Dogs 2 launches on November 15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC Users will have to wait just a bit longer as the game releases on November 29, 2016.

Source: Watch Dogs 2 Twitter

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