Video game developer Ubisoft sends out a gift box with a Watch Dogs 2 theme to a popular YouTuber who reposts its contents online prior to this year’s E3 event.

Although Ubisoft has yet to officially confirm Watch Dogs 2 through traditional channels, save for announcing its April 2017 release window during a company earnings report, it seems as if the game publisher and developer is primed unveil the title at this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo thanks to an online post from YouTuber The Rad Brad. Apparently, Ubisoft sent a “gift box” that had a pair of Watch Dogs 2 Ray Bans, of which he promptly photographed and shared on his official Twitter account.

As seen in The Rad Brad’s tweet below, the YouTuber nonchalantly thanks Ubisoft for the Watch Dogs 2-themed gift box, with a picture showing the forthcoming sequel’s potential new insignia behind a sunglasses case with the game’s logo inscribed on the outside. There’s no official word as to how Rad Brad acquired the handout, or for what purpose he was rewarded it.

Thanks @Ubisoft for the Watch Dogs 2 gift box.
— theRadBrad (@thaRadBrad) June 1, 2016

Since Watch Dogs 2 hasn’t been discussed publicly with fans yet, The Rad Brad’s post of the gift box related to the game heavily implies that Ubisoft will be making the title’s unveiling a part of its E3 2016 schedule. Nevertheless, such a suggestion is only speculation at this point in time, so it’s best to be aware that nothing official has been confirmed as of yet.

Even though Ubisoft hasn’t directly addressed Watch Dogs 2‘s existence, there is already plenty of proof pointing to it being in development. For instance, just last month, an Instagram post from actor Cort King made its rounds online that possibly revealed an all-new protagonist for the sequel. Not to mention, Ubisoft’s own CEO Yves Guillemot proclaimed to investors during an earnings call that the title would surpass the original by having “innovative gameplay,” which all but verifies its actuality.

watch dogs 2 to support directx 12

Considering the fact that the original Watch Dogs had first week sales numbers of 4 million copies, and that it set an Ubisoft launch day record for fastest-selling new IP at the time, it definitely has earned a follow-up release. That said, though, it’s strange that the company still hasn’t actually put out any authorized press for the sequel.

Whatever the case may be regarding Watch Dogs 2 not having been officially announced remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that Ubisoft intends on using the property for the foreseeable future. After all, the company bought the domain rights for the movie, which is just more evidence that the franchise hasn’t been foreclosed upon just yet.

Watch Dogs 2 has yet to be officially confirmed, but its potential platforms are PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: thaRadBrad – Twitter (via GameSpot)