A new gameplay trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs 2 is revealed, showing Marcus Halloway’s mission to recover crucial evidence before it is destroyed.

As Ubisoft nears the end of its press conference, the company shows off some brand new gameplay for the highly-anticipated Watch Dogs 2.

The gameplay trailer shows off the hacker group DedSec as they infiltrate a building and recover evidence of social media manipulation, before it is destroyed. The trailer reveals that Watch Dogs 2 will be a cooperative experience if players choose it, with other hackers encountered seamlessly throughout the world.

The player can hack anything from cameras to cranes as they accomplish missions in their own way. It seems that there some options are stealthier than others however, as the gameplay trailer also allowed us to get a glimpse at Watch Dogs 2‘s combat mechanics, both in close quarters and in gunfights.

Watch Dogs 2 saw its world premiere released last week, with a 17-minute trailer showing off its San Francisco setting. The game will continue to feature an open world where anything and everything is hackable – even people. In a future taken over by a Big Brother-esque network named ctOS 2.0, Marcus Halloway, a man unjustly accused of a crime he didn’t commit, joins a group of hackers in their fight against the man.

The game will feature even more hacking than its predecessor, with DedSec able to manipulate the city in a variety of ways. Combine this with the group’s mad parkour skills adding to Watch Dogs 2‘s “innovative gameplay” and we might just have a game worthy of the hype this time around.


Despite many people’s hesitance to pre-order the new Watch Dogs title, a huge amount of special editions have already been revealed for the upcoming game, ranging from $59.99 all the way up to $165.99 for the extreme fans. One of the game’s most expensive editions, the Wrench JR Robot Collector’s Pack contains an actual robot capable of 360 degree movement, as well as the game’s deluxe edition and season pass.

While Watch Dogs 2 certainly look exciting, we feel the need to point out that Ubisoft has a history of graphical downgrades following their E3 reveal, so it’s likely worth waiting to see how gameplay is looking nearer the release date, rather than buy into the hype right away. If you do choose to preorder however, Ubisoft are offering up one extra mission as an incentive, entitled “Zodiac Killer.”

Watch Dogs 2 is set for release on November 15, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.