Watch Dogs 2 Easter Egg Features No Man's Sky Reference?


Watch Dogs 2 players will find a fake game trailer hidden in a mission that may be a clue towards an upcoming Ubisoft game or could be a playful reference to something else.

These days it’s almost a given that a video game will feature at least a few Easter Eggs throughout its experience. In some cases finding those Easter Eggs is an involved affair, like unlocking major secrets in Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode, while other times those Easter Eggs are right in front of the player. Case in point: a small Easter Egg packed into Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2.

While Watch Dogs 2 might not be available for the average consumer, like with most major releases there are some copies out in the wild. More importantly, the embargo on streaming Watch Dogs 2 has lifted, meaning any footage out in the wild is technically “legal” and there for players to digest.

Without giving too much away there is a mission in Watch Dogs 2 that sees the player hacking into a fake version of Ubisoft’s San Francisco-based development studio. In the game, the player is supposed to gain footage for an upcoming title in development at Ubisoft and in the process they get a brief look at said game.

Check out the footage below:


On the surface, it’s easy to say that this footage was created specifically for Watch Dogs 2 and this mission, but some are trying to find deeper clues. It might be brief but the graphics look more polished and there appears to be more thought put into the design of the fake trailer than one would initially expect. In fact, there are quite a few gamers who would love to see something made from this brief interstellar tease, perhaps even an Ubisoft independent title.

At the same time, the color palette and atmosphere could be Ubisoft poking fun at No Man’s Sky, a space title that boasted similar visions of space exploration but couldn’t deliver on all its promises. It might be that Ubisoft is making a playful nod to that game with some footage that bears a striking resemblance. We’d be surprised if Ubisoft were bold enough to take a pot shot at Sony considering the numerous struggles the studio has had with its games, but stranger things have happened.

Very soon gamers will be able to judge for themselves when they go hands on with Watch Dogs 2 on Tuesday. Similar to No Man’s Sky, the first Watch Dogs was a title that promised a lot but didn’t deliver on all of those promises (read Game Rant's Watch Dogs review). This sequel, however, is hoping to expand on the hacking ideas of its predecessor and get the triple-A franchise on the right track.

Watch Dogs 2 releases November 15, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)

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