Ubisoft announces a new release date for the T-Bone DLC for Watch Dogs 2, which was delayed due to the issues with the game’s seamless online multiplayer feature.

As some Watch Dogs 2 fans may recall, Ubisoft originally promised that the game’s first DLC expansion would be available for PS4 owners on December 13th. However, Ubisoft has now released a statement, clarifying that the first DLC pack for Watch Dogs 2 will be available on PlayStation 4 beginning December 22nd, and will come to PC and Xbox One a month later, on January 24th.

Fans that were looking forward to the DLC next week may be disappointed at this news, but Ubisoft at least offered a reason for the delay. Basically, Ubisoft had to pull development resources away from the expansion pack to work on updates and fixes to stabilize Watch Dogs 2‘s online multiplayer functionality, which was broken at launch. Now that the multiplayer is fixed, Ubisoft can once again start focusing on Watch Dogs 2‘s post-launch content.

So while fans have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the DLC, at least Ubisoft provided a good reason for its delay and didn’t release it unfinished. The DLC in question is themed after a fan favorite character, T-Bone, and if Ubisoft fumbled his DLC, it could make fans weary about trusting the studio to do a good job with the rest of the expansions planned for the game.


With the T-Bone DLC comes a new co-op challenge for players to tackle, T-Bone’s attire for protagonist Marcus Holloway to wear, a new enemy type to fight, and even a brand new vehicle in the form of T-Bone’s modified school bus. And now that the seamless online multiplayer functionality has been fixed, gamers will be able to bring some of this content into the game’s online world to create chaos with strangers.

Speaking of creating chaos, Ubisoft is looking to bring extra attention to the T-Bone DLC by launching the T-Bone Chaos Event the same week it’s released for PS4, on December 19th. The T-Bone Chaos Event is scheduled to last four weeks, and will allow players to unlock bonus cosmetic items for vehicles as well as Marcus.

Hopefully this event and the new DLC makes the added wait for the T-Bone DLC worth it for Watch Dogs 2 enthusiasts. If there’s enough buzz around the new content, perhaps Ubisoft will be able to convince more consumers to buy the game, and make up for the disappointing fact that its sales were down 80% compared to the first one. That may be wishful thinking, but as we’ve seen from other Ubisoft games like The Division and Rainbow Six Siege, long-term support for a game can go a long way in building and maintaining a loyal community of fans.

Watch Dogs 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.