Watch Dogs 2 Adds Co-op Multiplayer for Free


Ubisoft has detailed its content roadmap for Watch Dogs 2, and there's good news for anyone who enjoyed their time in San Francisco. A four-player co-operative mode known as Showd0wn is set to be introduced to the game in April, and it'll be completely free.

When Ubisoft released information about the Watch Dogs 2 season pass last year, Showd0wn was listed as part of the No Compromise DLC package. However, the development team has since made the decision to release this content for free, in the hopes of building a sizeable player base for matchmaking purposes.

"We really wanted to have as many people as possible playing the mode for a better challenge, better matchmaking time and quality, and a healthier, more active community," said the game's live producer, Kris Young. He went on to state that community feedback regarding multiplayer content also factored into the decision.


Watch Dogs 2 received high critical praise when it launched last year, but failed to set the sales charts alight. It's good to see that Ubisoft has taken this into account when it comes to Showd0wn mode, as struggling to find other players via matchmaking would have been frustrating. If everyone gets the content for free, it's much more likely that people will return to the game to check out the new mode.

Showd0wn mode will be added to the game on April 17, one day ahead of the No Compromise DLC, which drops on April 18. Ubisoft will preview the new content on its Twitch channel at 1PM ET on April 13.

Watch Dogs 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Ubi Blog

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