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At GamesCom 2016, Ubisoft reveals a couple of Player versus Player modes coming to Watch Dogs 2 known as Bounty Hunter along with a revamped Invasion mode.

Since being announced a few days prior to E3 2016, Watch Dogs 2 has gone back under the radar as the developers at Ubisoft Montreal continue to plug away at the title before its launch in November. While Ubisoft has shared smaller details about the game recently, such as the fact that certain minigames from the first game are not coming back, fans have been waiting for bigger details. With GamesCom 2016 in full swing, Ubisoft has finally revealed a brand new game mode for the upcoming open world title.

Known as Bounty Hunter mode, it allows players to hunt down other real life players once they've attracted too much attention from the police inside of their own game. Hunters are tasked with taking down their target any way possible, while the hunted player needs to survive for as long as they can. Players can earn more followers for participating, which is essentially the progression system in Watch Dogs 2, unlocking new missions, abilities and much more.

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Bounties can trigger in a couple of different ways. Causing a high amount of chaos in the world could result in a police chase to spill over into another player's world. If this happens, the other user is notified of the situation and in turn can choose to help the police take the offending player down. Alternatively, if a player is feeling bold, they can manually initiate Bounty Hunter mode from the in-game menus, which causes main character Marcus Holloway to hack his own wanted status to attract the attention of the police and opposing players.

Like the first game, players who don't want to participate in this side of the game do have the option to turn off multiplayer entirely or disable certain modes while keeping the main co-op functionality active.

The new mode is a much different take from the multiplayer of the previous game which instead saw players randomly invading other player worlds and effectively playing a cat and mouse style game with them. While not fully revealed, Ubisoft did confirm that Invasion is making a return to Watch Dogs 2, though certain aspects have changed as well. Unlike the first game, when players begin the initial hack, the data download process starts immediately as well. With drones being a big part of the core experience, hiding during Invasion is even tougher to do as the target can even drop taser bombs on unsuspecting players as well.

Are you excited to see new player versus player modes launching with the game? Will you be participating or are you planning to turn the feature off? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch Dogs 2 launches on November 15, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: UbiBlog

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