Watch Dogs 2 player discovers brief cameo by Watch Dogs‘ first protagonist, Aiden Pearce, in a mission that tasks players with helping Pearce continue his crusade.

Watch Dogs 2 has only been out a few days, but has already received strong praise from critics and gamers alike. The game is a worthy sequel to 2014’s Watch Dogs, and is surely only the second in a long line of Watch Dogs titles.

As most gamers know, Watch Dogs 2 differs heavily from its predecessor, but that didn’t keep Ubisoft from leaving out Watch Dogs’ first protagonist, Aiden “The Fox” Pearce. Turns out, the Chicago hero makes a quick and memorable cameo in Watch Dogs 2.

For those who haven’t played the first Watch Dogs, Pearce is the game’s main character who’s out for revenge after his niece is killed. Pierce scours the streets of Chicago looking for those responsible, and eventually tracks down and kills those enemies. The ending of Watch Dogs leaves the door open for Pearce to continue his vigilante efforts, and Watch Dogs 2 confirms Pearce’s activities.

In Watch Dogs 2, players can take on a quest where they find a handful of dead bodies, along with a recording that links Pearce to the killings. The player then tracks Pearce down, and works to help him escape prison and continue his crusade. Check out the above video to see the mission in action.

The mission in question is a side quest available to players after they chat with someone at a point of interest, so it’s not part of the main storyline. That said, it’s little more than a fun cameo and an opportunity for Ubisoft to insert the first Watch Dogs character into the sequel.

That said, it would be fun to see Pearce return as a playable character in the future. While Watch Dogs didn’t receive the highest praise, especially after so much hype was built around the game, Pearce is still an interesting character and one that would be fun to revisit. Now that he’s left his stomping grounds in Chicago, it would be enjoyable to see him crop up again in future Watch Dogs games. Who knows, maybe he’ll be the one that helps sew together the many fabrics in the Watch Dogs universe. With the success of Watch Dogs 2 so far, there’s little doubt Ubisoft will continue expanding on the story with new characters in other locations around the world.


Until then, players can enjoy the wild streets of San Francisco, and if they have time, find Pearce and help him continue his endeavors as a vigilante hacker.

What do you think about Pearce’s cameo in Watch Dogs 2? Would you like to see more of Pearce in the future?

Watch Dogs 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube