‘Watch Dogs’ 101 Gameplay Trailer: Prepare to Hack Chicago

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For nearly two years, Watch Dogs has been one of the most-anticipated titles of the next (and current) generation of gaming. Blending Grand Theft Auto-style open world mayhem with a fully-hackable environment, Ubisoft raised a lot of eye brows when the game was first announced at E3 2012. A six month delay into 2014 briefly stifled Watch Dogs‘ momentum, especially for day one PS4 and Xbox One buyers but, despite minor hiccups, interest in the new IP has remained high.

Still, for those who haven’t been following the title, the Watch Dogs gameplay package is a lot to digest. An open world + expansive hacking + multiplayer + game “trips” should = a video game experience with loads of content and replay value but, without a doubt, some players are still trying to wrap their heads around all that Watch Dogs has to offer. Fortunately, Ubisoft has created a 9-minute primer for the upcoming title to help educate less-informed gamers, or those wanting a comprehensive look at the final package, before Watch Dogs arrives on May 27th.

The “Watch Dogs 101″ gameplay trailer, which you can view above, is broken up into eight segments. Certain sections of the video are merely truncated versions of prior standalone featurettes while others offer a glimpse at entirely new footage (and features).

Watch Dogs 8 Bit Mini Game Trailer

For those who have seen certain portions of the video before, we’ve identified the different segments, along with their time stamp, to help viewers cherry pick which parts they want (or need) to watch.

  • Welcome [0:00] – A sizzle reel of Watch Dogs footage.
  • Hacking [1:35] – Detailed in previous Hacking trailers, this section introducers players to the game’s hackable environments, objects, and people.
  • Characters [2:45] – Detailed in the recent Character trailer, this section covers Aiden Pearce, as well as his allies and enemies.
  • Multiplayer [4:28] – Previewed in the Multiplayer trailer, this section highlights the game’s online modes: online contracts, decryption combat, and free roam.
  • Companion App [5:37] – Previewed in the aforementioned Multiplayer trailer, this section explains the Watch Dogs companion app – along with console versus mobile device gameplay.
  • Driving [6:22] – Built on the foundation of a canceled Driver project (with the help of GTA DNA) Ubisoft has previously shown-off vehicle gameplay – but this segment helps explain the subtle (and many not-so subtle) differences that are apparent behind the wheel in Watch Dogs.
  • Game Changers [7:13] – One of the game’s least talked about features, the game changer modifiers, allow players to drastically enhance otherwise standard gameplay experiences – injecting customizations and surreal elements into the Chicago open world (such as a hellscape or 8-bit arcade aesthetic, among others).
  • Ending [8:40] – Sizzle reel number two.

Watch Dogs 101 Gameplay Trailer

Much of the trailer will be a refresher for gamers who pre-ordered Watch Dogs prior to its delay; however, it never hurts to brush up. In addition, an in-depth look at the “trip” game changers should help warm hold-outs to the idea that Watch Dogs is more than just a Grand Theft Auto ripoff (with hacking). The game offers an immense amount of variety, with reports suggesting that it will take players nearly 100 hours to complete everything.

In addition, Watch Dogs‘ core gameplay offers helpful tools for gamers who have grown frustrated with redundant, and often frustrating, open world experiences. Nothing is more irritating than trial and error chase missions – where several minutes of gameplay can be wasted simply because a minor slip made it impossible to catch up. However, as evidenced in the Watch Dogs primer, quick thinking (and smart hacking) can get players back on track – or, at the very least, slow down their target.

Ubisoft has big plans for the Watch Dogs franchise, so it’s in their best interest to clear up any confusion – and help sell the game as a next-gen step in open world experiences. No doubt, they’ve put together an encouraging set of features, above and beyond what would be necessary to sell the game at a $60 price point.

Watch Dogs Inferno Mini Game Trailer

Nevertheless, after all the talk, we have to just two weeks left (from the time of this writing) before finding out if Ubisoft has delivered on all of these ambitions – with a game experience that can actually live up to its pre-release buzz and excitement.


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Watch Dogs releases May 27, 2014 for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The Wii U version is aiming for a fall 2014 release.

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