Watch Dog 3 Trademark Teases PS5 and Next Xbox Release

Watch Dogs 3 trademark next-gen launch title

In 2016, Ubisoft released cyber sleuthing action-adventure game Watch Dogs 2 on PC and consoles. Although sales of the game appeared to be lower than that of its predecessor (at retail, at least), many fans were eager to play a sequel. After games in Chicago and San Francisco, people wanted to know where the Watch Dog series would go next.

According to trademarks, fans of the open-world series may not have long until they get to see Watch Dogs 3 in action. YouTuber SkullziTV regularly looks into Ubisoft's trademark filings and recently discovered that the company had filed a new Watch Dogs trademark, unrelated to the trademark filings of the previous two games in the franchise. Screenshots of the filing on the United States trademark office website explain that Ubisoft submitted the trademark in November 2018. On December 3, there was a "new application entered in TRAM" and on December 17, it was updated with "supplied data."

Based on the timing of the trademark application and the fact that it isn't connected to previous Watch Dogs trademarks, some are taking this as evidence that Watch Dogs 3 will be a next-gen launch title. If it was a current-generation release, Ubisoft would likely have just connected it to the existing Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 trademarks.

The timing of the trademark also hints at Watch Dogs 3 being a launch release for the PS5 and the next Xbox One. The next-generation of consoles is expected to land in 2020, or even in 2021. Trademarking the name now would suggest that Ubisoft is getting to ready to announce Watch Dogs 3, potentially in time for the release of the new consoles.

The trademarks don't offer any concrete information about what fans can expect from Watch Dogs 3. However, an Easter egg found in Watch Dogs 2 strongly suggests that Watch Dogs 3 will be set in London, UK. Watch Dogs 2 heavily embraced the culture of the San Francisco Bay Area and many fans would be keen to see Ubisoft do the same with London.

Additionally, Ubisoft has teased Watch Dogs 3 with a cryptic (now-deleted) tweet. Ubisoft's social mobile app also appeared to hint at a sequel. Nothing is confirmed, but a big company like Ubisoft doesn't drop breadcrumbs for no reason.

Many fans will also hope that a jump to next-generation consoles will offer a much smoother launch than that of Watch Dogs 2. Watch Dogs 2's multiplayer experience suffered technical issues at launch, and although Ubisoft worked hard to fix the problems, it was frustrating for those had hoped to take their hacking skills online. Fingers crossed that whatever Ubisoft plans to do with Watch Dogs 3, it has a less bumpy time.

Watch Dogs 3 has yet to be officially announced.

Source: SkullziTV – YouTube

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