[UPDATE: The stream has ended, but you can watch the archive above. Also check the links below for the most important details from the Destiny reveal]

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of The Taken King — and, with it, the start of the second year of Destiny. The past twelve months have seen the game go through some major changes, but it’s difficult to say that it’s not a better experience for having done so.

After something of a backlash following the game’s initial release, Bungie has made a sterling effort to improve Destiny for players via content updates and expansions. Now, The Taken King looks set to bring about the biggest changes to the game’s formula thus far.

At 11AM PDT/2PM EST, the Destiny Year Two stream will begin on the official Bungie Twitch channel. While we’ve seen plenty of The Taken King over the past few weeks, this looks set to be our most detailed glimpse yet into what the game’s biggest expansion adds to the fray.

Executive producer Mark Noseworthy and Senior Design Lead Tyson Green will both be on hand to offer their expertise on the footage being shown. They’ll also be answering questions from fans, which will be selected by community manager and host for the stream, Cozmo.

It’s expected that we’ll be given some more information about just what benefits seasoned players will enjoy going into Year Two. Players have poured hours into their Guardians, and many won’t be keen on the idea of starting afresh thanks to the new gear and game mechanics being introduced in The Taken King.

Destiny The Taken King's Strikes Will Be More Dynamic

Core to that conversation are the tweaks being made to player level and light level. Those systems are being changed dramatically to ensure that character progression doesn’t boil down to an Engram hunt, but it’s not altogether clear how pre-existing characters will fit into the new system.

There’s also bound to be plenty of footage of the new additions to the Tower. Early response to the new features being added to the game’s social area has been rather strong, so longtime players will be eager to see what’s new in a location that’s become very familiar over the past twelve months.

Bungie also looks set to dip into the new weaponry on offer as part of The Taken King. Intriguingly, the developers warn fans not to dismantle anything before the full duration of this briefing — could it be that Exotic items earned in the first year might have another kind of value going into Year Two?

We’re sure to have some burning questions answered over the course of this stream, and the news really can’t come soon enough. The Taken King looks to be a significant improvement over the base game, and there are plenty of Guardians out there who are already desperate for more information on one of the biggest releases of the next few months.

Highlights from the Destiny Year 2 Reveal Include:

Destiny: The Taken King will release for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 15, 2015.