Warren Spector joins the development team for System Shock 3. The highly revered director will be helping Otherside Entertainment reboot the franchise.

It was only two months ago that System Shock 3 was revealed to be in development by Otherside Entertainment, who set up a mysterious countdown website to build up hype for the occasion. Now, the studio has confirmed that Warren Spector himself has joined the development team for System Shock 3, a move that is sure to entice fans of the original game. Spector was the mind behind the original System Shock, and the high profile acquisition from Otherside Entertainment completes a big step in the studio’s goal of hiring many of the original developers from the legendary franchise.

Aside of his intimate knowledge with the franchise, Warren has helped produce successful franchises like Deus Ex and Ultima, and even worked on on a canceled Half-Life 2 episode that would have introduced a magnet-based weapon to the series. The legendary creative had already been helping Otherside Entertainment finish their work on Underworld Ascendant, and once that game is complete it looks like his focus will shift solely on to System Shock 3. As if this wasn’t enough, he’s still teaching classes at the University of Texas at the same time.

Quoth the man himself:

When the opportunity to have a bigger role in bringing Underworld Ascendant to life, as well as playing in the System Shock universe once again, helping to bring these games to a 21st century audience, I just couldn’t say no. Working on System Shock was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done in my career and it’s hard to describe how much I’m looking forward to sharing with players what SHODAN has been up to since the last game was released.

For those who may not remember, SHODAN is the main antoganist from both previous System Shock games. The female artificial intelligence is responsible for much of what happens between the two games, and many gamers still consider her one of the best gaming villains of all time.

Though more news about the game’s development has been kept firmly shut behind closed doors, the studio was considering implementing a virtual reality element to the game. The previous games allowed players to travel through cyberspace itself, so it looks like the franchise would be a great fit for the budding VR industry to test its mettle.

What do you think about Warren Spector once again working on a System Shock title, Ranters?

System Shock 3 currently has no release date. It is expected to launch for PC.

Source: PC Gamer