Warren Spector Wants Epic Mickey to Go Beyond a Single Game

Epic Mickey

Acclaimed video game designer, Warren Spector (who will be delivering the PAX West 2010 Keynote) has expressed his interest in creating sequels to Epic Mickey, a title which he is currently working on. The title hasn't come out yet, but Spector is definitely wanting the franchise to keep going, even without his direct involvement. Epic Mickey certainly lives up to the name (seen in the cinematic trailer) and the gameplay looks very interesting, so it wouldn't be entirely unreasonable to see sequels for the game.

Warren Spector's thoughts on the matter are pretty clear:

“Yes, I have no interest on working on one offs. I want to do things that have a life beyond me, beyond the team, beyond a single game… I hope there are wasteland games featuring Mickey Mouse and also the Lucky Rabbit for years to come. We’re doing comic books and graphic novels, I want Wasteland to live on beyond this game.”

Would sequels stay on the Wii? The idea has been played with a little bit. The game certainly suits the Wii very well, but even just for a graphical change, to have it on Xbox 360 or PS3 would be amazing.

I've always been a fan of Warren Spector designed games. Deux Ex was simply amazing (with the next game, Deux Ex: Human Revolution continuing the franchise) and he created the first System Shock game. It's refreshing and very interesting that he would choose to pursue the Mickey Mouse franchise and turn the thing on its head to give us something different and interesting at the same time.

When it comes to a property like Mickey Mouse, it's tough to sell a game that revolves a character that's been made for children and give it a slightly darker and edgier feel. I do feel Spector has been successful in his goal of doing so, and to be honest, I think Epic Mickey will be pleasing to both hardcore and entry gamers alike.

Epic Mickey will let you see the dark side of Mickey on November 1, 2010 exclusively for the Wii.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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