In preparation for the release of the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City, Warner Bros. Interactive has just announced a new downloadable shooter titled Gotham City Impostors to help generate a little Batman buzz before the retail title’s release.

Developed by Monolith Productions, the company responsible for the first two F.E.A.R. titles, Gotham City Impostors allows players to create their own unique character inspired by either the Dark Knight or his age old nemesis, the Joker.

So far details are relatively slim regarding Impostors, but what we know so far is that the game, aside from being a multiplayer first person shooter set within the universe of Batman, will allow a wide variety of customization options for one’s character. Everything from the character’s look to the types of weapons and gadgets they use will be determined by the player in order to create your very own Joker or Batman “impostor.” Some of the gadgets that have been revealed include a grapple gun, roller skates, and some sort of glider apparatus.

Unfortunately Warner Bros. hasn’t revealed in what ways Impostors will tie back into the world of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, or even whether the game will carry the same art style as Rocksteady Studios’ titles.

Furthermore no details were revealed as to how this multiplayer experience will be created. Currently there is a preview event taking place for the game where reportedly a 4-v-4 set of matches are taking place, which suggests the game will be more competitive in nature.

The only thing we know for sure is that gamers, as indicated by the success of Arkham Asylum, love Batman and can’t get enough of him. While Gotham City Impostors might not be the same type of experience as Asylum and City, we imagine this downloadable title will be able to generate more than its fair share of buzz.

What do you think of Gotham City Impostors? Do you think that the game’s notable differences between it and Arkham City will help or hurt it?

Gotham City Impostors currently has no release date but will be available for XBLA and PSN.