Warner Bros. Montreal Developing More DC Comics Games

Warner Bros. Montreal Making More DC Comics Games

It looks like due in no small part to the success of Batman: Arkham Asylum and its follow-up, Batman: Arkham City, Warner Bros. has begun working on more games based around DC Comics superheroes. More specifically, Warner Bros. Montreal plans to grow from just four employees to 300 by 2015 in order to accomplish this new goal.

According to studio head Martin Carrier, Rocksteady’s fantastic Batman games have set a new precedent for the superhero video game, one that requires a certain level of quality from the next wave of titles. There’s always been a preconceived notion, even amongst some game developers, that superhero games just can’t work, but Batman's being not just a great superhero title, but a fantastic game has paved the way.

It’s almost like the inverse of Hollywood, where almost every major comic book adaptation is a home run. Instead we’re left with games based on those film adaptations that barely even register on even fans’ radar. But that’s all going to change for Warner Bros. thanks to Rocksteady Studios and Batman: Arkham City.

Rocksteady, on the other hand -- they’re a total question mark at this point, having sufficiently satisfied fans with both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. It’s now Warner Bros. Montreal’s turn to take from Rocksteady’s example and decide which comic book franchises lend themselves well to a game, flesh them out, and then deliver something spectacular.

Moving forward gamers can expect Warner Bros. Montreal to work closely with DC writers like Geoff Johns and Jim Lee to create some truly memorable superhero games.

In fact, the studio might be hard at work on some of those games as we speak. Hopefully they stop by our list of superhero games we’d like to see in the future for inspiration.

What other DC Comics superheroes would you like to see immortalized in video game form? Do you think that Arkham City has changed the landscape of superhero-based video games for the better?

Source: IGN

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