Warner Bros. Interactive is ramping up its video game output, and as a result, the publisher is considering the prospect of hosting its own E3 conference in years to come.

This year, Warner Bros. Interactive brought an impressive slate of games including Injustice 2, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the previously unannounced Batman: Arkham VR. However, future iterations of the event might see an even bigger presence from the publisher.

In a new interview with Venture Beat, Warner Bros. Interactive president David Haddad suggests that the company might one day have their own dedicated conference at the event. Outside of console manufacturers, only the biggest publishers like Ubisoft and EA tend to host these showcases.

“For us it’s mostly slate-driven,” said Haddad. “You look at the people that have meaningful press conferences, the big publishers — there’s a slate that holds that together. I believe that could be in our future. It didn’t make sense for us this year.”

It seems that Haddad is indicating that the publisher would only want to host a conference if there were enough noteworthy games to fill the slot. That makes sense, as a limp presentation would only make Warner Bros. look inferior by prompting a direct comparison with other companies.

However, there might not be too long to wait before Warner Bros. Interactive has the sort of slate that compete with its biggest competition. Even beyond the titles the company brought to E3 2016, several of its subsidiary studios have unannounced projects in the works.


Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montreal is working on an open-world title, but there are few details at this time. It’s unlikely that all 120 staff members at Rocksteady Studios are working on Arkham VR. There’s also heavy speculation that Monolith Productions is currently creating a sequel to 2014’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Despite largely working with established IP, few would argue that Warner Bros. Interactive doesn’t offer up a varied selection of titles. Between the properties being employed and the genres being explored, the company is doing the right things if it wants to be considered as one of the most important publishers in the industry.

Of course, it’s not the only outfit looking to raise its profile. Last year saw Bethesda host its first dedicated E3 conference, and despite not competing with Warner Bros. Interactive in terms of quantity, the popularity of the Fallout publisher’s output certainly carries some weight.

Warner Bros. Interactive is making a concerted attempt to raise its own profile, but the company is not alone in that effort. Over the next few years, it will certainly be interesting to see whether any additional players can break through to the highest echelons of the industry — and whether any of today’s top dogs are usurped.

Source: VG247Venture Beat