First Details for 'Warhawk' Sequel 'Starhawk' Revealed

Warhawk Sequel Starhawk Detailed

Though not the most popular of PS3 exclusives, Warhawk will certainly go down as one of the more ambitious. Because of that ambition, and a fan base that has on-and-off been hoping for a sequel, new details have popped up for said sequel, believed to be titled Starhawk.

While a brief experiment in the viability of a multiplayer-only game, Warhawk did help pioneer some of the concepts gamers continue to utilize today, namely digital downloads of content on a console. Starhawk, on the other hand, will be a retail disc only title with no digital release planned.

The game will also step away from its predecessor in its inclusion of a single player element. Multiplayer, we expect, will still be the bread and butter of Starhawk, but the hope is that including single player missions will bring a larger group of gamers to the title. Think of Starhawk as the Battlefield 3 for third person shooters, transitioning from a more segregated title to an all inclusive one.

Thankfully, these two areas are the only departments in which Starhawk will be making the grandest leaps away from Warhawk. Many of the aspects fans came to enjoy from the first game, like the cartoony visuals and the abundant supply of vehicles to pilot, will be making a return. Those vehicles will also be navigable in a new variety of landscapes, some of which will be set in space.

Unfortunately, Starhawk will not offer the same type of space missions seen in Halo: Reach, where the player starts first on a planet and then ascends to the stars. Instead Starhawk will feature either a mission/map set on the ground and the surrounding atmosphere or one that is set in space. Still, it’s a very logical transition for the series, and one that could help increase interest in the game.

Gamers can expect first official details for the game to be released some time in May — most likely in preparation for an E3 demonstration. While these details are a good early start, we anticipate that new developer Lightbox Interactive will have some more substantial tidbits to offer gamers very soon.

What do you think of these first details for Starhawk? Do you think it was a smart move adding single player to a title that started out as multiplayer only?

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